Ferguson readies for grand jury ruling

Live Blog: A Missouri grand jury is expected to deliver a ruling regarding whether to charge a police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown earlier this year. Gov. Jay Nixon has already declared a State of Emergency ahead of that decision in anticipation of protests. Full Story

MoCo sub charged with sex offenses

Jose Pineda was charged with more counts of third-degree sex offense as more students claimed he touched them inappropriately. Full Story

Commuters not ready for I-95 changes

A survey finds that many drivers are not prepared for the opening of the 95 Express Lanes next month and the end of HOV as we know it. Full Story


Which wines to serve on turkey day

Sure, the turkey is the star of Thanksgiving dinner, but what's in your glass is just as important as what's on your plate. Full Story

5 family members killed on 'dream trip'

A "dream trip" to Disney for a family of eight ended in disaster. Police believe a 16-year-old driver fell asleep at the wheel. Full Story

Lanza anorexic to point of brain damage

That's just one takeaway from a 114-page report issued Friday about Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza. Full Story

Off the 8's

Entombed in snow: A personal account

When forecasters began calling for an "incredible lake effect snow event," WTOP's Dave Dildine wanted to be a part of weather history. Full Story

'Jeopardy!' Champion

South Carolina man wins $250,000 in show's best of the best.

Doughnut Delivery

Ready for the best news ever? A local bakery delivers doughnuts.

Blue Diamond

Bunny Mellon's blue, pear-shaped diamond set an auction record.

150 Tons

Construction workers struck something big, 30 feet below the surface.

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Monticello Look-a-Like

A Va. man is building a replica of Thomas Jefferson's home.

Deadly Games

"Mockingjay" takes on "Foxcatcher" in battle for the box office.

Emmylou Tribute

Alison Krauss, Joan Baez come to D.C. for a tribute show in January.

Auctioning Oscar

An Oscar statue is predicted to be sold at auction for how much?