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Nissan recalls Infiniti SUVs to fix air bags

Nissan recalling 2 Infiniti SUVs to fix air bag inflators that can explode with too much force

Updated 10 minutes, 17 seconds ago

AbbVie hikes forecast, tops Street expectations

Drugmaker AbbVie hikes 2014 forecast, topping Street expectations, also beats 3Q predictions

Updated 10 minutes, 17 seconds ago

UK Treasury chief set to pay off World War I bonds

UK Treasury chief set to pay off some of bonds that financed World War I

Updated 10 minutes, 18 seconds ago

US consumer spending down 0.2 percent in September

US consumer spending drops 0.2 percent in September, first setback since January

Updated 10 minutes, 52 seconds ago

Exxon posts surprise profit jump on refining

Exxon earnings up 6 percent, easily beating expectations, as refining offsets low oil prices

Updated 10 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Omega to buy out rival Aviv in $3B all-stock deal

Omega Healthcare to buy out rival Aviv in all-stock deal valued at $3 billion

Updated 11 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Lawsuit: Surgical gowns let diseases pass through

Lawsuit: Kimberly-Clark falsely advertised surgical gowns' protection against bodily fluids

Updated 12 minutes, 21 seconds ago

US stocks open higher, following gains in Asia

US stock indexes rise in early trading, following big gains in Asia on new Japan stimulus

Updated 14 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Exxon defies low oil price with refining strength

Exxon posts surprise 3Q profit jump on refining, chemicals as oil price, production falls

Updated 15 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Japan expands stimulus to spur recovery

Japan central bank unexpectedly expands asset purchases to shore up shaky recovery

Updated 15 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Q&A: Why Japan's economy needs more juice

Q&A: Why Japan is increasing stimulus when Fed feels confident enough to withdraw it

Updated 15 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Eurozone inflation creeps up to 0.4 percent

Slight rise in inflation little relief to European Central Bank as economy remains weak

Updated 18 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Global stocks get big boost from Bank of Japan

Japanese stimulus news gives global stocks a boost; Nikkei closes at highest level since 2007

Updated 22 minutes, 30 seconds ago

APNewsBreak: Medicare bought meds for dead people

APNewsBreak: Medicare allowed payment for prescriptions up to 32 days after a person died

Updated 30 minutes, 05 seconds ago

After Fukushima, Japan gets green boom _ and glut

Fukushima sets off green boom and glut as utilities choke on cost, hope for return of nuclear

Updated 50 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Rocket explosion setback for commercial space

Rocket explosion in Virginia setback for commercial cargo flights after string of successes

Updated 50 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Citi cuts earnings due to regulatory probes

Citigroup cuts 3Q net income by $600 million due to 'rapidly-evolving' investigations

Updated 1 hours, 08 minutes ago

Not so sweet: Chocolate prices are set to rise

Halloween party won't last for chocolate lovers as prices set to rise, joining other foods

Updated 1 hours, 16 minutes ago

RBS sets aside $639 million for currency probe

RBS sets aside $639 million for potential fines arising from currency trading probes

Updated 1 hours, 19 minutes ago

Russia: Natural gas will flow after Ukraine pays

Russia: Natural gas supplies to Ukraine will resume after Ukraine makes 1st payment next week

Friday - 10/31/2014, 07:55am EDT
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