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Muller: No word from management on job status

Kirk Muller: No word from management on future as coach of Carolina Hurricanes

Updated 02 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Bluesman apologizes for St. Louis concert gone bad

Blues guitarist B.B. King apologizes for St. Louis concert, cites long travel, diabetes

Updated 02 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Gaborik adds scoring to LA Kings' playoff plans

The missing ingredient?: Marian Gaborik's scoring fits splendidly into LA Kings' playoff plans

Wednesday - 04/16/2014, 04:28am EDT

Panthers jump Sabres to win NHL draft lottery

Florida Panthers jump ahead of last-place Buffalo Sabres to win NHL draft lottery

Wednesday - 04/16/2014, 02:30am EDT

Ducks hope playoff success finally starts vs Stars

Anaheim Ducks hope their long-delayed playoff success finally starts when they face Stars

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 11:08pm EDT

Sabres looking to rebuild quickly

Sabres GM Tim Murray outlines rebuilding plan for last-place team

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 09:30pm EDT

Laviolette will coach US at world championships

Peter Laviolette will coach Team USA at IIHF World Championships next month

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 08:00pm EDT

Wild expect to put Granlund back in lineup vs. Avs

Wild expect to put Granlund back in lineup vs. Avs; center hasn't played yet in April

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 07:30pm EDT

Flyers goalie Steve Mason iffy for playoffs

Flyers goalie Steve Mason's status uncertain for playoff opener

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 07:01pm EDT

Torres uncertain for playoff opener

Torres practices Tuesday, but still uncertain for Sharks' playoff opener

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 06:52pm EDT

Hoisting the Cup without a hot goalie hard to do

From 'Bob' to Quick to Bryz, the goalies who could get hot and lead their teams to the Cup

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 06:25pm EDT

Oshie, Morrow practice for Blues

T.J. Oshie, Brenden Morrow practice for Blues; Blackhawks back at full strength

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 06:21pm EDT

Roy makes all right moves in 1st year leading Avs

Fire & nice: Passionate Patrick Roy has shown a softer side in guiding Avs back to playoffs

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 06:16pm EDT

Lightning's Lindback to start Game 1 vs. Canadiens

Lightning confident G Anders Lindback up for challenge of facing Canadiens in NHL playoffs

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 05:45pm EDT

Blue Jackets don't mind all those who doubt them

Blue Jackets look at series with mighty Penguins as opportunity to finally get some respect

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 05:13pm EDT

Malkin nears return as Penguins face Blue Jackets

Malkin's return another boost for Penguins as inexperienced Blue Jackets loom

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 04:02pm EDT

GM says coach change 'wake-up call' for Predators

Barry Trotz, NHL's longest tenured coach, out after 15 seasons as Predators make 1st change

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 12:28pm EDT

Avalanche back in playoffs, focus on Wild

Avalanche return to playoffs for 1st time since 2010, focus on the Wild

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 04:30am EDT

Playoffs approaching, Blues need goalie to step up

Playoffs approaching, Blues need goalie Ryan Miller to step up game

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 03:34am EDT

A look at 10 things to watch in the NHL playoffs

A new look, banged-up stars and renewed rivalries among 10 things to watch in the NHL playoffs

Monday - 04/14/2014, 09:24pm EDT
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