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Paul McCartney to play at Candlestick concert

Paul McCartney to play at final concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco

Updated 56 minutes, 35 seconds ago

NFL plans to look at bigger playoffs, longer PATs

NFL plans to discuss expanded playoffs, moving PAT snaps back to 15-yard line

Updated 59 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Kosar believes he's off TV for slurred speech

Former Browns QB Kosar believes he's off TV broadcasts for slurred speech, due to concussions

Updated 59 minutes, 17 seconds ago

Buffalo Bills cheerleaders halt season after suit

Buffalo Bills cheerleaders stop appearances after lawsuit over pay, work conditions

Updated 59 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Cowboys add another QB in ex-Chicago starter Hanie

Cowboys add 4th quarterback with starting experience in Dallas-area high school product Hanie

Updated 20 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Marcus Trufant retires as member of the Seahawks

After 10 NFL seasons, Marcus Trufant retires as member of the Seahawks

Updated 39 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Lions like Caldwell's cool, calm, collected style

Lions like coach Jim Caldwell's cool, calm and collected style along with his Super Bowl rings

Updated 42 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Case of 49ers' Aldon Smith sent to city attorney

County DA refers case of 49ers' Aldon Smith to LA city attorney for misdemeanor consideration

Updated 1 hours, 12 minutes ago

Seahawks to open NFL season vs. Packers

Seahawks to host kickoff to NFL season vs. Packers

Updated 1 hours, 16 minutes ago

Washington Redskins 2014 season schedule

Here's a look at the Redskins season.

Thursday - 04/24/2014, 12:50pm EDT

Redskins Podcast: Team schedule is out

WTOP's Rob Woodfork and George Wallace talk about the schedule.

Thursday - 04/24/2014, 12:47pm EDT


This Date In Baseball

This Date In Baseball

Thursday - 04/24/2014, 09:40am EDT

NFL Calendar

NFL Calendar

Thursday - 04/24/2014, 09:40am EDT

Jets returning to SUNY Cortland for training camp

Jets heading back to SUNY Cortland for training camp

Thursday - 04/24/2014, 04:28am EDT

Detroit Lions welcome new faces

Detroit Lions welcome new faces, including Super Bowl veterans Tate and Ihedigbo

Thursday - 04/24/2014, 03:34am EDT

Report: Jacobs have had discussions about Bills

Report: Jeremy Jacobs Jr. says family has had discussion involving Buffalo Bills

Thursday - 04/24/2014, 01:50am EDT

Injured players eager to get to work with Colts

Colts' injured players following doctors' orders, but eager to get back in action

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 09:20pm EDT

Cardinals player gets probation for assault plea

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington gets probation for assault on ex-girlfriend

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 09:20pm EDT

Seattle signs Trufant, CB expected to retire

Seattle signs Marcus Trufant, CB expected to announce his retirement

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 07:40pm EDT

NFL players talk about race with Harvard students

NFL players Sherman, Foster, Fitzgerald talk about race with Harvard students

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 07:20pm EDT
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