APNewsBreak: Web filter lifts block on gay sites

APNewBreak: Major Web content filter lifts block on gay advocacy websites

Updated 09 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Principal resigns post after Wyoming hazing skit

Principal resigns post after hazing skit at Wyoming high school results in disciplinary action

Updated 39 minutes, 21 seconds ago

Texas limiting new AP history course's influence

Amid conservative outcry, Texas moves to limit new AP History course's influence statewide

Updated 1 hours, 29 minutes ago

Trial lawyer gives $50M to Drexel law school

Philadelphia trial lawyer Thomas Kline gives $50M to Drexel; law school to be named for him

Updated 1 hours, 36 minutes ago

Missing Virginia woman's parents fear 'foul play'

Parents of missing Virginia student fear 'foul play' as search shifts; police release video

Wednesday - 09/17/2014, 06:36pm EDT

Teacher suspended over 'Redskins' newspaper flap

Teacher suspended for 2 days over 'Redskins' controversy in high school student newspaper

Wednesday - 09/17/2014, 05:40pm EDT

Upgraded facilities help ACC keep up with Joneses

Construction boom: Upgraded football facilities helping ACC schools keep up with the Joneses

Wednesday - 09/17/2014, 04:28pm EDT

Higher education cuts likely to spare Va. students

The $90 million in cuts the McAuliffe administration is seeking from Virginia's public colleges and universities this fiscal year and next are likely to spare students.

Wednesday - 09/17/2014, 03:48pm EDT

Police resume search for missing Virginia student

Police resume search for University of Virginia student missing since weekend; parents hopeful

Wednesday - 09/17/2014, 01:59pm EDT

College majors matter for future paychecks

Economists have long-known there's a link between educational level and earnings. Generally, higher levels of education produce greater earnings.

Wednesday - 09/17/2014, 04:44am EDT

Corinthian Colleges sued for predatory lending

Federal agency seeks $500 million in relief for students at for-profit Corinthian Colleges

Wednesday - 09/17/2014, 02:26am EDT

School bus driver killed during safety drill

Bus driver for Ohio school saves girl but is killed during safety drill

Wednesday - 09/17/2014, 12:14am EDT

Venezuelan protesters discuss explosives in video

Anti-government Venezuelan activists show up in video discussing explosives

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 11:30pm EDT

Georgia man gets 20 years for gun battle at school

Ga. man persuaded by school bookkeeper to surrender in 2013 gun battle sentenced to 20 years

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 08:36pm EDT

Boise State decides to change event policies

Boise State decides to change policies after facing possible lawsuit over gun-rights event

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 08:00pm EDT

Skin shocks used at Mass. school draw FDA look

Skin shocks at Massachusetts school for violent students: Treatment or torture?

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 07:00pm EDT

History books spark new Texas classroom battle

New history textbooks up for Texas approval decried by right, left _ but for different reasons

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 06:13pm EDT

Georgetown student dies after battling meningitis

Georgetown University says one its students has died after battling a case of diagnosed meningitis.

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 05:29pm EDT

New history books become latest Texas school fight

Texas board debates school textbooks' stress on Christian tradition, 'living' US Constitution

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 04:30pm EDT

Kaaya quickly emerges as a Miami leader

'Why not me?' True freshman QB Brad Kaaya quickly emerging as a leader for Miami

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 02:49pm EDT
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