Feds censure local police, yet give lethal weapons

Police departments cited for civil rights violations can still get surplus military weapons

Updated 01 minutes, 30 seconds ago

9 days in, no contact with trooper slaying suspect

Day 9 in trooper slaying suspect search sees roadblocks removed, shelter-in-place order lifted

Updated 01 minutes, 31 seconds ago

White House intruder identified as Army veteran

White House intruder identified as Army veteran who served in Iraq, retired due to disability

Updated 01 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Arab states lag in media war against extremists

Arab governments slow to combat Islamic State group's sophisticated social media campaign

Updated 01 minutes, 38 seconds ago

US general: Arab nations need to help in Iraq

Joint Chiefs chairman: Arab nations need direct role in fight against Islamic State group

Updated 01 minutes, 39 seconds ago

UN ambassador: Others ready to fight Islamic State

UN Ambassador Samantha Power: Other nations ready to join Islamic State group fight

Updated 01 minutes, 40 seconds ago

New Afghan president, but vote totals kept secret

Afghanistan names new president after power-sharing deal, but vote total kept hidden

Updated 07 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Pomp, little action expected at UN climate summit

UN climate summit, march brings glitz and hoopla but no fix for warming world

Updated 09 minutes, 37 seconds ago

700 babies maybe exposed to TB at Texas hospital

Health officials: More than 700 babies may have been exposed to tuberculosis at Texas hospital

Updated 11 minutes, 40 seconds ago

FDA revises food safety rules due next year

FDA revises food safety rules ahead of 2015 deadline in an effort to appease wary farmers

Updated 11 minutes, 40 seconds ago

US troops heading into Africa soon for Ebola fight

Thousands of troops will begin moving into Africa in 30 days to help Ebola fight

Updated 11 minutes, 41 seconds ago

Thousands march in Moscow against Ukraine fighting

Thousands march through central Moscow to demonstrate against fighting in Ukraine

Updated 14 minutes, 53 seconds ago

AP Interview: El-Sissi, Egypt and the terror fight

AP Interview: El-Sissi portrays Egypt as a model in the fight against extremism

Updated 15 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Who wins Senate control? Nov. 4 might not decide

Louisiana and Georgia runoffs, Alaska vote count, could leave Senate control unclear for weeks

Updated 35 minutes, 31 seconds ago

US applauds Afghan power-sharing agreement

White House applauds Afghanistan power-share agreement that ends drawn out election

Updated 37 minutes, 28 seconds ago

5 things to know about possible Senate uncertainty

5 things to know about why the Nov. 4 election may not decide which party controls the Senate

Updated 37 minutes, 29 seconds ago

News Guide: Steyer writes $15M to his super PAC

News Guide: RNC again tops DNC; Democrats' House and Senate committees best GOP rivals

Updated 37 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Tracing shift from everyday American to jihadis

From everyday American to foreign fighter: Shift may involve search for meaning, adventure

Updated 37 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Scotland's leader: Voters 'tricked' in referendum

Scottish leader claims voters 'tricked' into staying in UK as politicians fall out over reform

Updated 48 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Kiribati leader visits Arctic on climate mission

Kiribati president tours Arctic glaciers ahead of UN climate summit

Updated 49 minutes, 30 seconds ago
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