11 burned bodies found in southern Mexico

11 partly burned, decapitated bodies found in southern Mexico

Updated 06 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Brazil's Rousseff names banker as finance minister

Brazil's Rousseff names banker, former treasury secretary as finance minister

Updated 06 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Venezuela says 13 dead in prison disturbance

Venezuela confirms 13 deaths from drug overdoses in prison disturbance

Updated 10 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Belize charges man in Panama diplomat killing

Belize charges 19-year-old man in killing of Panamanian diplomat

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 11:20am EST

Brazil's Rousseff to name economic team

Brazil's Rousseff to name new economic team aimed at jumpstarting lagging economy

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 10:10am EST

Killings surge in Mexico state at tip of Baja

Killings surge in Mexico state at tip of Baja Peninsula as gang factions fight over drug trade

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 02:26am EST

Report: Colombia's land restitution effort lagging

Colombia's land restitution effort undermined by violence, poor coordination, report says

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 01:10am EST

Killing of Guatemalan hunter likely to go unsolved

Killing of young iguana hunter underscores lack of accountability for private security forces

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 12:10am EST

Group reports uptick in Haiti cholera patients

International medical group reports uptick in people with cholera symptoms in Haiti's capital

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 09:50pm EST

Venezuela charges Maduro foe in alleged plot

Venezuelan opposition leader to face charges in alleged plot against President Maduro

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 09:00pm EST

Colombians protest ban on ride-share company Uber

Colombian users defend Uber against government's decision to ban ride-share service

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 08:10pm EST

Undeclared cash lands pilot in jail in Puerto Rico

US agents arrest New Jersey pilot after finding more than $600,000 in plane in Puerto Rico

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 08:00pm EST

Panama diplomat killed in Belize; suspect detained

Panamanian diplomat killed in Belize; suspect detained

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 03:40pm EST

Mexico's left faces problems as leader quits

Mexico's left faces problems after scandal, leader's resignation

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 02:12pm EST

Colombia exhumes murdered guerrilla leader

Colombia digs up remains of guerrilla leader killed aboard airliner

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 12:50pm EST

AP PHOTOS: Macaws bring harmony to Caracas' chaos

AP PHOTOS: Macaws bring harmony, color and beauty to urban chaos of Venezuela's capital

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 12:29pm EST

Cardenas leaves Mexico leftist party he founded

Following dispute with leadership, Cuauhtemoc Cardenas quits Mexican leftist party he founded

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 11:37pm EST

Weather cited in Bahamas jet crash that killed 9

Preliminary report cites weather in Bahamas air crash that killed well-known pastor, 8 others

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 09:20pm EST

Spain urges Cuba to up pace of economic reforms

Spain's foreign minister visits Cuba, urges more rapid reforms to expand private enterprise

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 06:57pm EST

Puerto Rico police seize $11.5M worth of cocaine

Puerto Rico police seize $11.5 million worth of cocaine in raid on tourist island of Vieques

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 06:48pm EST