Alleged Beltran Leyva cartel boss nabbed in Mexico

Alleged cartel capo Hector Beltran Leyva captured at restaurant, the 4th brother to fall

Updated 1 hours, 38 minutes ago

AP PHOTOS: Trash pickers worry about end of dump

AP PHOTOS: Trash pickers worry about livelihoods once giant dump closes in Brazil's capital

Updated 1 hours, 38 minutes ago

Tropical Storm Simon forms in the Pacific

Tropical Storm Simon forms in the Pacific off Mexico's southwestern coast

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 06:48am EDT

Detentions of major Mexico drug chiefs

A look at detentions and killings of major Mexican drug chiefs in recent years

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 01:10am EDT

Mexico's probe of army slayings raises doubts

Mexico's explanation of army's slaying of 22 suspects raises more questions than answers

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 12:08am EDT

Venezuelans looking to 'Holy Thugs' for protection

More Venezuelans turning to 'Holy Thugs' seeking protection from country's violent crime

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 12:04am EDT

Mexico: Alleged drug boss Beltran Leyva captured

Mexico says alleged cartel capo Hector Beltran Leyva captured while dining at restaurant

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 11:40pm EDT

Key events in Mexico army slayings investigation

Key events in investigation of Mexico army slaying of 22 suspects

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 06:30pm EDT

US snowboarder killed in avalanche in Argentina

US snowboarder Liz Daley killed in avalanche in Argentina; follows deaths of 2 pro skiers

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 05:48pm EDT

Guatemala ex-police on trial in 1980 embassy fire

Guatemalan ex-police officer goes on trial in 1980 fire at Spanish embassy that killed 37

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 05:47pm EDT

Cuba says it's likely to increase money supply

Cuba says it's likely to increase money supply, raising question of inflation

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 05:35pm EDT

'Vultures' hover over Argentina -US relations

Argentina-US relations hit low as Fernandez blames Washington for her country's debt crisis

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 05:08pm EDT

AP names Victor Caivano director for Southern Cone

AP names Victor Caivano news director for Southern Cone countries

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 01:49pm EDT

Fight for growing Pentecostal vote in Brazil

Brazil's presidential contenders fight for growing Pentecostal vote

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 12:16pm EDT

3 soldiers charged in Mexico army killing of 22

Homicide charges in Mexico army killing of 22 raise more questions about what happened

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 10:20am EDT

Spaniard rescued after 12 days in Peru cave

Injured Spanish explorer rescued after being trapped 12 days in cave in Peruvian Amazon

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 10:06am EDT

Mexico announces homicide charges in army killings

Mexico prosecutor: homicide charges for 3 soldiers in army killing of 22 gang suspects

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 01:34am EDT

Pot decriminalization bill drafted in Jamaica

Jamaica's justice minister says legislation has been drafted to decriminalize marijuana

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 12:30am EDT

Argentina slams US judge after contempt decision

Argentina's Fernandez criticizes US judge that held country in contempt over bond payment

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 09:00pm EDT

Rousseff takes lead in Brazil election poll

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff takes lead in election poll, outpacing rival Silva

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 08:35pm EDT