5.6-magnitude quake felt on Ecuador-Colombia line

5.6-magnitude quake shakes Ecuador's border with Colombia, no injuries or damage reported

Updated 11 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Panama suspends Supreme Court judge for corruption

Panama suspends Supreme Court justice close to Martinelli over corruption charges

Updated 11 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Mexico offers reward for info on missing students

Mexico's government offers reward for information on 43 missing students

Updated 1 hours, 06 minutes ago

AP PHOTOS: New gloss on Cuba's classic cars

AP PHOTOS: Economic opening helps put a new gloss on Cuba's classic cars

Updated 1 hours, 17 minutes ago

Report oil found in Paraguay; gov't cautious

British company reports oil find in Paraguay's Chaco Basin, but government cautious

Updated 1 hours, 56 minutes ago

Argentina launches its first home-built satellite

Argentina launches its first communications satellite constructed domestically

Monday - 10/20/2014, 03:58pm EDT

Chile arrests former Pinochet aide in killings

Chile arrests former dictatorship cabinet minister for alleged dirty war slayings

Monday - 10/20/2014, 02:30pm EDT

Harvard student stuck in Mexico gets new US visa

Harvard student stuck in Mexico for months about to return to US on new visa

Monday - 10/20/2014, 02:10pm EDT

Federal police take control of 13 towns in Mexico

Mexican federal police assume control of 13 municipalities linked to cartels, missing students

Monday - 10/20/2014, 12:28pm EDT

Argentine town faces ghosts of its Dirty War

Argentine town faces ghosts of Dirty War as victims of dictatorship face alleged abusers

Monday - 10/20/2014, 09:00am EDT

Brazilian candidates spar over poverty, corruption

Brazilian presidential candidates spar over poverty reduction, corruption

Sunday - 10/19/2014, 10:36pm EDT

Mudslides from rains kill 6 in southern Mexico

Sunday - 10/19/2014, 09:20pm EDT

Now it's official: Bolivia's Morales re-elected

Bolivian election officials confirm re-election victory of President Evo Morales

Sunday - 10/19/2014, 12:37pm EDT

AP PHOTOS: Catholics venerate Lima's patron saint

AP PHOTOS: Catholics venerate Lima's patron saint in colorful procession through downtown

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 08:52pm EDT

Castro: Cuba would cooperate with US against Ebola

Fidel Castro says Cuba ready to cooperate with US in battle against Ebola.

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 12:18pm EDT

Conservatives gaining force in Brazil Congress

Conservative blocks gain force in Brazil's Congress, shaping policy

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 10:38am EDT

Mexicans protest in Acapulco over missing students

Mexicans protest in Acapulco over 43 missing students

Friday - 10/17/2014, 10:10pm EDT

Head of Cuba's Ebola effort expects more aid soon

Head of Cuba's Ebola effort hopes that leftist Latin countries will pledge more aid Monday

Friday - 10/17/2014, 09:24pm EDT

NY governor visits Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on campaign visit to Dominican Republican, Puerto Rico

Friday - 10/17/2014, 08:06pm EDT

Argentina leader ordered to rest for 48 hours

Argentine President Fernandez ordered to rest for 48 hours so she can recover from sore throat

Friday - 10/17/2014, 08:00pm EDT