US stocks jump following strong corporate earnings

US stocks rise sharply following strong earnings from General Motors, 3M, Caterpillar, others

Updated 07 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Zuckerberg speaks Chinese, Beijing students cheer

Facebook co-founder, CEO Zuckerberg thrills Chinese students with 30 minutes of Mandarin

Updated 07 minutes, 58 seconds ago

AP Exclusive: A week on the road in North Korea

AP Exclusive: On bumpy, 7-day North Korea road trip, glimpses of tough lives and determination

Updated 09 minutes, 48 seconds ago

AP Exclusive: Driving up revered N. Korea mountain

AP Exclusive: Stunning vistas and wary soldiers: A drive up N. Korea's revered Mount Paektu

Updated 31 minutes, 51 seconds ago

Exclusive election body at heart of HK protests

Exclusive, some say opaque, election committee at heart of Hong Kong democracy standoff

Updated 34 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Attacks in southwestern Pakistan kill 12 people

Attacks in troubled Pakistani province kill 12 people, including 8 minority Shiites

Updated 35 minutes, 40 seconds ago

China punishes 17 officials for village clash

China punishes 17 officials after clash between villagers and construction workers kills 8

Updated 45 minutes, 58 seconds ago

China's ruling party plans on improving judiciary

China's ruling party says it will work for better judiciary, though observers see limitations

Updated 56 minutes, 02 seconds ago

China opposes sending North Korea to int'l court

China says it's opposed to sending North Korea to int'l court over human rights record

Updated 1 hours, 06 minutes ago

Image of Asia: Climbing for democracy in Hong Kong

Image of Asia: Climbing for democracy in Hong Kong

Updated 1 hours, 13 minutes ago

NK experts: US must apologize to free detainees

US must apologize to free 2 remaining American prisoners, North Korean legal experts say

Updated 1 hours, 59 minutes ago

Red Cross official: 6 months to contain Ebola

Red Cross official says he's confident Ebola outbreak can be contained within 4-6 months

Thursday - 10/23/2014, 10:00am EDT

India picks up pace on economic overhaul

India picks up pace on economic overhaul with a slew of big announcements

Thursday - 10/23/2014, 08:56am EDT

North Korea steps up Ebola measures

As North Korea steps up measures to prevent spread of Ebola, tour group warns of travel ban

Thursday - 10/23/2014, 08:20am EDT

Rights group: Migrant workers abused in UAE homes

Rights group says Asian, African female migrants abused in UAE homes, excluded from labor law

Thursday - 10/23/2014, 08:10am EDT

Kenny G distances self from Hong Kong protesters

Sax star Kenny G says he wasn't defying Beijing, distances himself from Hong Kong protests

Thursday - 10/23/2014, 07:32am EDT

Separatists protest in Kashmir against Modi visit

Shops, businesses closed as separatists protest Indian prime minister's visit to Kashmir

Thursday - 10/23/2014, 07:10am EDT

UN inquiry head rejects N. Korea's 'honeyed words'

UN inquiry head rejects N. Korea's 'honeyed words,' urges China not to veto ICC referral

Thursday - 10/23/2014, 06:34am EDT

China, Iran defense officials pledge closer ties

China, Iran defense officials meet in Beijing, pledge closer ties

Thursday - 10/23/2014, 06:20am EDT

China's Yan Lianke receives Franz Kafka prize

Chinese author Yan Lianke receives the Franz Kafka literary prize in the Czech Republic

Thursday - 10/23/2014, 01:10am EDT
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