New tremors raise concern at Japan's Mount Ontake

Increased seismic activity raises concern of another eruption at Japan volcano where 36 died

Updated 09 minutes, 14 seconds ago

HK leader says China adamant; students seek talks

Hong Kong leader says Beijing won't budge, as democracy protesters stick to deadline

Updated 11 minutes, 22 seconds ago

Afghanistan, US sign long-awaited security pact

Afghanistan, US sign security pact allowing US forces to remain in country past end of year

Updated 11 minutes, 28 seconds ago

Chinese patriotism fuels cruises to disputed isles

Cruises to disputed islands offer bland food, gray views and a chance to press China's claims

Updated 11 minutes, 37 seconds ago

News Guide: Ash and gases halt search on volcano

News Guide: Ash, toxic gases halt recovery of victims on darkened slopes of Japanese volcano

Updated 11 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Global stocks mostly higher after US declines

Global stocks mostly higher after after Wall Street declines, Hong Kong protests

Updated 15 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Australia says man sent money to American in Syria

Australian police arrest man accused of sending money to American who went to fight in Syria

Updated 1 hours, 07 minutes ago

Thai man gets death penalty for train rape, murder

Thai ex-train employee gets death penalty for rape, murder of 13-year-old girl on night train

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 05:36am EDT

Nicole Kidman reveals heartbreak at father's death

Nicole Kidman reveals heartbreak at her father's death and thanks well-wishers for prayers

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 05:25am EDT

Afghan president sworn in, paving way for US pact

New Afghan president sworn in, paving way for US security pact

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 04:26am EDT

China faces tricky balance in Hong Kong's protests

Beijing faces challenge in curbing Hong Kong's protests without cracking down too hard

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 04:26am EDT

Asian stocks mostly lower after US declines

Asian stocks mostly lower after Wall Street declines, Hong Kong protests

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 03:58am EDT

Obama hosts India's Modi for White House visit

Once shunned by US, India's Modi rides wave of enthusiasm to White House for visit with Obama

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 03:14am EDT

China celebrates new holiday of Martyr's Day

China celebrates Martyr's Day, 1 of 3 new holidays created in renewed focus on World War II

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 01:30am EDT

Hong Kong protesters set deadline for government

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong set Wednesday deadline for response from government

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 01:16am EDT

S. Korean ship runs aground, everyone rescued

South Korean cruise ship runs aground but all 109 people onboard rescued

Monday - 09/29/2014, 11:30pm EDT

5 more bodies found at Japan volcano; toll now 36

5 more bodies found at Japanese volcano, raising toll to 36; rescue work halted by toxic gas

Monday - 09/29/2014, 10:44pm EDT

US-Russian crew docks with space station

US-Russian crew docks with International Space Station

Monday - 09/29/2014, 08:54pm EDT

Mystery over N. Korean leader fuels health rumors

A limp, a vanishing act, then "discomfort" fire speculation about North Korean leader's health

Monday - 09/29/2014, 07:34pm EDT

Myanmar wants country off UN human rights agenda

Myanmar insists it should be off UN rights agenda, says has addressed 'all major concerns'

Monday - 09/29/2014, 03:56pm EDT
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