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Gov. Jerry Brown signs California gun restriction

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs firearm restriction, allowing family to request gun removal

Updated 00 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Police on manhunt find pipe bombs in woods

Police on manhunt for suspect in deadly trooper ambush find pipe bombs with trip wire in woods

Updated 00 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Lawsuit: Man with schizophrenia falsely held

Lawsuit: New Mexico county, police unlawfully detained man with schizophrenia for preaching

Updated 00 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Somali American to be sentenced in terror case

Mohamed Mohamud to be sentenced Wednesday for plot to attack Christmas tree-lighting ceremony

Updated 00 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Feds unveil cleanup plan for nuclear waste dump

Officials unveil plans for cleaning up troubled federal nuclear waste dump in New Mexico

Updated 00 minutes, 22 seconds ago

California becomes first state to ban plastic bags

California becomes first state to ban single-use plastic bags at grocery, convenience stores

Updated 03 minutes, 17 seconds ago

Oklahoma man charged with murder in beheading

Oklahoma workplace beheading suspect Alton Nolen charged with 1st-degree murder, assault

Updated 03 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Weather service storm forecasts get more localized

New computer model pinpoints storms better, faster in weather service severe weather forecasts

Updated 03 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Colorado school protests roil swing state politics

Colorado school protests roil swing state politics two weeks before ballots start showing up

Updated 16 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Realtor's body found; suspect pleads not guilty

Body of Arkansas real estate agent found; suspect pleads not guilty to murder, other charges

Updated 16 minutes, 17 seconds ago

Sagebrush habitat fuels $1B in recreation spending

Study: $1B in recreation spending on western US lands with sagebrush habitat in 11 states

Updated 23 minutes, 08 seconds ago

Nuclear waste tank OK'd to keep leaking for 1 year

Hanford watchdog criticizes deal to delay pumping from leaking tank for more than a year

Updated 37 minutes, 28 seconds ago

Biologists identify pot gardens as salmon threat

Federal biologists identify marijuana gardens in California, Oregon as key threat to salmon

Updated 41 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Ohio Wal-Mart where cops shot man pulls air rifles

Ohio Wal-Mart store where police fatally shot man pulls air rifles from shelves

Updated 1 hours, 05 minutes ago

Ohio band's animated performance goes viral (Video)

The Ohio State University band took viewers on a journey down the yellow brick road during its halftime show over the weekend.

Updated 1 hours, 14 minutes ago

Police: Naked woman in semi that hit school bus

Authorities: Naked woman was riding in semitrailer that struck school bus in north Florida

Updated 1 hours, 35 minutes ago

US doctor exposed to Ebola virus admitted to NIH

US doctor exposed to Ebola virus in Sierra Leone admitted to NIH hospital isolation unit

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 02:10pm EDT

Parents charged in death of son found in home

Parents charged with homicide in death of son, 9, found decomposing in Pennsylvania home

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Dozens of possible jurors rejected in Arias case

Dozens of possible jurors rejected after saying they couldn't be impartial in Arias case

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 01:36pm EDT

Road salt supply low, demand high as winter looms

Last year's harsh winter leaves salt supply low, demand high and road officials skittish

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 01:22pm EDT
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