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US meat supplier in China withdraws products

US meat supplier in China withdraws products from market as it investigates plant managers

Updated 11 minutes, 17 seconds ago

Survey: US gas prices fall 9 cents to $3.58

Survey: US gas prices fall 9 cents a gallon to $3.58 in largest drop this year

Updated 11 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Lake Huron fishery recovers, but anglers skeptical

Lake Huron's fishery recovering from chinook salmon collapse, but anglers appear unconvinced

Updated 11 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Wyoming cave with fossil secrets to be excavated

New scientific expedition to study remains of thousands of ancient animals in Wyoming cave

Updated 11 minutes, 20 seconds ago

Not in my backyard: US sending dirty coal abroad

Coal exports help US clean up global warming pollution at home _ but still pollute elsewhere

Updated 16 minutes, 29 seconds ago

After 6 weeks, finally a deal on VA health care

With deadline looming, lawmakers reach deal on VA health care

Updated 16 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Man dies after lightning hits California beach

Man dies after lightning hits California beach, a dozen others injured or rattled

Updated 16 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Trial opening over video of Oklahoma City bombing

Trial opening as man tries to show FBI has Oklahoma City bomb video that shows 2nd suspect

Updated 16 minutes, 49 seconds ago

Official: Storms destroy E. Tenn. homes, no deaths

Official: Storms destroy 10 East Tenn. homes, no immediate reports of any deaths or injuries.

Updated 16 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Police investigate deaths of family of 5 in Maine

Police: Family of 5, including 3 children, found fatally shot in Maine apartment

Updated 16 minutes, 59 seconds ago

Small plane crash on Fla. beach: 1 dead, 1 injured

Officials: Man dead, daughter badly injured while walking on Fla beach when plane crash lands

Updated 17 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Fukushima study: Think about unthinkable disasters

US Fukushima report tells nuke industry to think more often about worst case scenarios

Updated 23 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Sarah Palin launches online subscription channel

Sarah Palin launches online subscription channel for a 'direct connection' with supporters

Updated 1 hours, 10 minutes ago

Charles Russell art fetches millions at auction

Russell painting symbolizing railroad's effect on American Indians draws $1.9M at auction

Updated 1 hours, 11 minutes ago

Shave ice vendor defies town's new ban on peddlers

It's not Martha's Vineyard: Shave ice vendor defies Rhode Island town's ban on street peddlers

Updated 1 hours, 16 minutes ago

Northern California wildfire destroys 13 homes

Northern California wildfire destroys 13 homes; fire outside Yosemite park grows significantly

Updated 1 hours, 18 minutes ago

More US girls now getting cervical cancer vaccine

After a plateau, cervical cancer vaccination rates for US girls rising again but only a little

Updated 1 hours, 19 minutes ago

3 days on, no arrests in hunt for carjack killers

3 days on, no arrests yet in hunt for carjackers who rammed SUV into family, killing 3 kids

Updated 1 hours, 29 minutes ago

It's all over but the arguing in Sterling trial

It's all over except for final arguments, ruling in trial over $2B Los Angeles Clippers deal

Updated 1 hours, 35 minutes ago

Police: Bathroom cameras may have filmed hundreds

Police: Secret cameras in some restrooms at University of Delaware may have filmed hundreds

Monday - 07/28/2014, 02:10am EDT
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