Police: Indiana suspect hints at more killings

Police say suspect in slaying of 7 women in Indiana says victims may go back 20 years

Updated 01 minutes, 43 seconds ago

APNewsBreak: Colorado seeks ban on most edible pot

APNewsBreak: Colorado health officials seek to ban pot-infused brownies, cookies, most candies

Updated 01 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Another month, another global heat record broken

One more time: Earth breaks 4th monthly heat mark, on pace for hottest year ever recorded

Updated 01 minutes, 47 seconds ago

San Francisco radio stations ban hit song 'Royals'

San Francisco radio stations ban hit song 'Royals' during World Series with Kansas City Royals

Updated 01 minutes, 52 seconds ago

Not so fast cordcutters_cable's not going anywhere

HBO and CBS join the a la carte streaming brigade, but don't count cable out yet

Updated 05 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Ebola fear, monitoring eases for some in Dallas

Ebola fear eases as monitoring ends for some in Dallas; officials ready new health protocols

Updated 05 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Clinics recommend hospitals for Ebola testing

Urgent-care clinics prepare for Ebola while urging potential patients to go to hospitals

Updated 05 minutes, 49 seconds ago

CDC to revise Ebola protocol, Pentagon preps team

CDC to update protocols for treating Ebola patients, Pentagon readies team to aid US doctors

Updated 07 minutes, 53 seconds ago

Rabbi leads vigil outside Met to protest opera

Rabbi leads vigil outside Met as firestorm over 'The Death of Klinghoffer' hits fever pitch

Updated 09 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Mayor says suspect in 7 deaths is sex offender

Indiana mayor says suspect in deaths of 7 women had been convicted of sex crimes in Texas

Updated 11 minutes, 51 seconds ago

Boston bomb case judge wants 1,000 juror summonses

Boston judge wants at least 1,000 people summoned to pick jury for marathon bombing suspect

Updated 11 minutes, 51 seconds ago

Once in million years: Comet buzzing Mars on Sun.

Once in million years: Comet buzzing Mars on Sun., robotic explorers have best seats in house

Updated 31 minutes, 55 seconds ago

City to address violence near NH pumpkin fest

City officials to address mayhem that erupted near New Hampshire pumpkin festival

Updated 38 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Search shifts after possible fugitive sighting

Search shifts, school security tightened amid possible sighting of Pennsylvania ambush suspect

Updated 45 minutes, 15 seconds ago

The 10 semifinalists for World's Funniest Person

A look at the 10 semifinalists in the World's Funniest Person competition

Updated 51 minutes, 53 seconds ago

New military medical team to help with Ebola in US

New military medical team readying to help health officials in event of more Ebola cases in US

Updated 51 minutes, 55 seconds ago

6-year-old's shooting death at store investigated

Police: Kansas City girl, 6, killed in convenience store shooting while getting gum with dad

Updated 1 hours, 11 minutes ago

Surfer says he hit shark with board to stop attack

Surfer says he punches, swings board to fend off shark attack; animal takes bite out of board

Updated 1 hours, 21 minutes ago

Feds: Don't expect winter to be polar vortex redux

Federal forecasters say a chilly return of the dreaded polar vortex unlikely this winter

Monday - 10/20/2014, 12:22pm EDT

Hawaii rides out storm, avoiding serious damage

Hawaii rides out tropical storm, getting soaked but avoiding serious damage throughout islands

Monday - 10/20/2014, 10:03am EDT
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