Courtesy D.C. Mural Project

Beautifying D.C. one wall at a time

Murals are a way for people in a city like D.C. to have a voice and an opinion that will, in turn, influence community involvement and urban aesthetics. Full Story

'Downton Abbey' back on Jan. 4

The Crawley's are back, but the return date for another hit PBS series, "Sherlock," is still up in the air, PBS chief executive says. Full Story

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit to marry

On screen, that is. The bigger-than-life celebrity couple is reuniting for a new movie, The Hollywood Reporter says. Full Story

Big milestone for Britain's little prince

The royal baby celebrates a big day as he turns Tuesday. Here's a look at "Gorgeous George" in both photos and video. Full Story

Illness, ash and dying coal miners

A new film comes to D.C. as senators hear from a retired coal miner suffering from black lung disease, and urging Congress to help. Full Story

Pet of the Week

Meet Rock 'n' Roll

If you're looking for a great family dog and aren't "into" the dog park scene, Rock n' Roll might be the canine companion you've been looking for all this time. Full Story


Videos of animals doing cute and crazy things

You won't find any groundbreaking journalism here, but hey, who doesn't love funny videos of animals? And while WTOP is still searching for real dogs playing poker, enjoy this collection of bears, dogs, cats, chickens, etc. Full Story