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Car Report: 2014 Honda Odyssey is exciting, for a minivan

The minivan isn't the most exciting class of vehicle, but the 2014 Honda Odyssey is trying to change that.

Monday - 04/21/2014, 04:55am EDT

Car Report: Mazda MX-5 Miata still fun after 25 years

It's hard to believe that Miata has been around since 1989 offering a small, affordable roadster that's easy on the wallet and easy to maintain.

Monday - 04/14/2014, 05:12am EDT

Car report: 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude 4x4 makes an impact

The Jeep Cherokee Latitude 4x4 is roomy, comfortable and modern.

Monday - 04/07/2014, 07:15am EDT

Car Report: Mazda CX-9 is a full SUV that's fun to drive

Mazda CX-9 is a sleek commuter vehicle.

Monday - 03/31/2014, 05:35am EDT

Car Report: 2014 Nissan Versa Note is a solid entry-level car

If you want all the toys for less than $20,000, the new 2014 Nissan Versa Note will stand out in a crowded class.

Monday - 03/24/2014, 04:42am EDT

Car Report: 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe makes strides

Hyundai has been making good-looking vehicles that offer many features at a very competitive price.

Monday - 03/17/2014, 05:57am EDT

Car Report: The Audi A6 TDI -- a diesel that still runs great

Driving the Audi A6 TDI Quattro was a surprise.

Monday - 03/10/2014, 04:40am EDT

Car Report: The Mazda 3 is a stylish ride

It used to be that if you wanted a compact car, you had to give up luxury and fun. But the new 2014 Mazda 3 is looking to change that.

Monday - 03/03/2014, 06:03am EST

Car report: The Volkswagen CC is fun-to-drive sports sedan

The 2014 Volkswagen CC R-line is a fun-to-drive sports sedan that has the looks and a price that seems like a good value, but some head-room space may deter some test drivers.

Monday - 02/24/2014, 04:51am EST

Car Report: The Cadillac Vsport has made great strides

The CTS Vsport, the 2014 Motor Trend car of the year, might just change my mind about the Cadillac.

Monday - 02/17/2014, 05:27am EST

Car Report: New Outlander gives you space, safety, style

This week, I drove the new 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander SE with all-wheel drive and seven seats in a tidy package.

Monday - 02/10/2014, 04:51am EST

Car Report: Driving Chevrolet's New 2014 Silverado

The Car Report's Mike Parris drives Chevrolet's new Silverado 2014 dubbed as the "North American Truck of the Year."

Monday - 02/03/2014, 06:40am EST

Car Report: Slimmed-down Range Rover a luxury stunner

For this week's car report we have a little British sophistication with the 2014 Range Rover V8 supercharged.

Monday - 01/27/2014, 05:20am EST

Car report: Kia Soul is refined and redesigned

This week my ride is known as the "hamster car." At least that's what my 5-year-old daughter calls it.

Tuesday - 01/21/2014, 01:58am EST

Test driving the 2014 Honda Accord hybrid

How does the new Honda Accord EX hybrid stack up when it comes to fuel consumption and legroom? And what's its coolest feature?

Monday - 01/13/2014, 07:33am EST

Car Report: Cadillac ATS, an entry-level luxury sedan

This week we take a quick peek at the entry- level luxury sedan, Cadillac ATS, an athletic entry to the small sports sedan market.

Monday - 12/23/2013, 11:52pm EST

Car Report: The XTS Vsport is a big Cadillac with more power for 2014

Such a "rough life" I live when all I have to drive for the day are the three newest sedans from Cadillac.

Monday - 12/16/2013, 10:43pm EST

The 2014 Hyundai Equus: A true luxury car for less

This big Hyundai is a real-deal large luxury sedan. Its ultra-quiet inside and its air suspension deliver a really nice ride.

Monday - 12/02/2013, 08:52pm EST

Car Report: Mazda 6 a fun-to-drive midsize sedan

One of Mazda's midsize sedans is not only fun to drive, but also makes the commute much more tolerable.

Monday - 11/25/2013, 10:09pm EST

New Jeep Cherokee excels on-road, Grand Cherokee gets an eco diesel

WTOP takes a closer look at the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee Overland Eco diesel.

Monday - 11/18/2013, 11:27pm EST
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