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What shoppers buy most on eBay, state by state

What do men's footwear, luggage and patio and gardening supplies have in common? The items are among the most popular items bought on eBay, broken down by state. See what Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. are buying. Full Story

Apple to unveil iPhone(s), smartwatch

Apple isn't giving many clues, but is expected to unveil at least one iPhone with a bigger screen and a smartwatch at a Sept. 9 event. Full Story

Google building fleet of delivery drones

Google's secret lab is working on a fleet of self-flying vehicles -- yes, drones -- to deliver packages more quickly. Full Story

Is betting on weight loss a good idea?

Websites that allow you to wager your money may help you shed the pounds, but is putting your money where your calories are a good idea? Full Story

FBI probes reports of attacks on banks

The Federal Bureau of Investigation says it's investigating reports of cyberattacks against U.S. financial institutions. Full Story