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Facebook unfriends federal drug agency

Facebook wants assurances from the Drug Enforcement Administration that it's not operating any more fake profile pages as part of ongoing investigations. See what Facebook is insisting from the DEA. Full Story

Apple's big reveal in photos

After all the rumors, leaks, and reading of tea leaves, Apple has unveiled new products ranging from entry level to top of the line. (Photos) Full Story

Macs, mobile unite with Yosemite system

The just introduced new Mac system brings Macs in line with iOS update for mobile phones, meaning Macs can now act more like iPhones. Full Story

Univ. disputes airborne Eboloa tweet

University of Minnesota officials are trying to knock down a tweet claiming its researchers have said Ebola can be transmitted by air. Full Story

CBS debuts stand-alone stream service

CBS is jumping on the cord-cutting bandwagon, launching a stand-alone digital streaming service offering current and older shows. Full Story

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Tech-y Halloween Costumes

From the latest gadget to the newest social media site, many people acknowledge they're obsessed with all things tech. Check out some of these cool Halloween costumes for 2014, many of which you can make for a few dollars. Full Story

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