2013 Commuter Idle

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Commuter Idle

WTOP is looking to once again crown the person with the worst commute in Washington as our Commuter Idle!
This week through 5 pm Friday we're taking entries - tell us your story! We'll narrow it down to 10 finalists based on criteria that includes length and time of commute, inconvenience of commute, and life impact of commute. Come back next week to vote on the top 10. Good Luck

Click Here for Complete Contest Rules

Finalists will be contacted by phone and/or email. By entering this contest you agree to receive promotional information and newsletters from WTOP only.

Grand Prize

Our crowned Commuter Idle will win $1000 in gas money, plus you'll get a day off from driving with a limo ride to and from work courtesy of Reston Limousine!

Two runners up will each win $150 in Exxon Mobil gas cards!

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