Troubled Waters: About this series

In WTOP's special series, Troubled Waters, WTOP reporters went out on local waterways, and into the treatment plants and labs, to look into the top issues facing the Potomac River watershed and the health of the water the region drinks.

Monday - 06/03/2013, 03:39am EDT

Anacostia River: Ugly duckling or blossoming flower? (Video)

On a two-hour ride on the Anacostia River, Jim Foster with the Anacostia Watershed Society points out the beauty of the river and the challenges it continually faces.

Monday - 06/03/2013, 10:46am EDT

How Blue Plains treats wastewater

The Blue Plains Advanced Waste Water Treatment Plant in Southeast is the largest plant of its kind anywhere in the world, treating about 370 million gallons of water every day.

Monday - 06/03/2013, 11:06am EDT

Fisherman's perspective: Snakeheads and river's health (Video)

Potomac River fishing guide Steve Chaconas takes WTOP out on the river for a closer look at the health of the fish and the health of the river.

Wednesday - 06/05/2013, 04:12am EDT

Herbicides likely source of growing intersex fish problem (Video)

Ten years after the discovery of the first intersex fish in the Potomac River, leading researchers are closing in on the chemicals and sources producing fish with immature eggs in the sex organs of male smallmouth and largemouth bass. The research suggests the cause is not what researchers initially thought -- the flushing of prescription drugs.

Thursday - 06/06/2013, 03:31am EDT

What's in the Potomac River's water?

The Potomac River's drinking water is safe but chemicals in the river are raising concerns among water quality experts.

Thursday - 06/06/2013, 09:35am EDT