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Remembering the victims of the 2002 sniper rampage

The snipers who terrorized the D.C. region over 23 days killed 10 people. WTOP's "In the Crosshairs" series takes a closer look at those who lost their lives. Full Story

Sniper turns against sniper

Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo made a deal with prosecutors. Learn what went on behind the scenes before he faced the families of the victims. Full Story

Behind the death penalty pursuit

Prosecutor Paul Ebert had never witnessed an execution until sniper John Allen Muhammad was put to death. Full Story

In interview DC sniper says he was sexually abused

Convicted D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo said in a television interview that aired Thursday that he was sexually abused by John Allen Muhammad, his adult accomplice in shootings that terrorized the Washington area 10 years ago.

Thursday - 10/25/2012, 09:04am EDT

Lessons for parents 10 years after the sniper shootings

The 2002 sniper shootings made everyone who stepped outside feel like a potential target, and for people in charge of keeping kids safe it was just as scary.

Saturday - 10/06/2012, 03:50pm EDT

The making of Lee Boyd Malvo's plea deal

Lee Boyd Malvo's plea deal after the string of Beltway Sniper murders started with one letter.

Saturday - 10/06/2012, 01:42am EDT

A prosecutor's tale: Paul Ebert on pursuing the death penalty

Paul Ebert has sent more murderers to the death chamber than any prosecutor in the country, but he had never witnessed an execution. Then he met John Allen Muhammad.

Saturday - 10/06/2012, 01:37am EDT

Part 20: Sniper John Allen Muhammad never said he was sorry

WTOP's Neal Augenstein reports.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 12:31pm EDT


Part 19: Malvo willing to plead to every murder

WTOP's Neal Augenstein reports.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 12:31pm EDT


Remembering the victims

The snipers killed 10 people during their 23-day spree.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 12:08pm EDT

Part 18: Malvo the 'thoughtful yet cold-blooded killer'

WTOP's Neal Augenstein reports.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 10:23am EDT


Part 17: Looking back on night snipers were captured

WTOP's Dick Uliano reports.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 10:22am EDT


Part 16: Sniper rampage ends with killers quietly cornered

WTOP's Dick Uliano reports.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 10:15am EDT


Part 15: Night Muhammad and Malvo were caught

WTOP's Neal Augenstein reports.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 10:14am EDT


Part 14: Abused ex-wife of sniper also was a victim

WTOP's Hank Silverberg talks with Mildred Muhammad 10 years after the rampage.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 09:39am EDT


Part 13: Police focus was not on snipers' Caprice

WTOP's Dick Uliano reports on how all eyes were looking for a white van.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 09:39am EDT


Part 12: How did the snipers get their killing machine?

WTOP's Dick Uliano recounts how the snipers got their 1990 Chevy Caprice.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 09:37am EDT


The futile search for a white van in shootings

During the Beltway sniper siege, all eyes were looking for white vans. Yet the snipers did their killing from a hole cut in the trunk of a 1990 Chevy Caprice - and so the futile search began.

Thursday - 10/04/2012, 07:05pm EDT

Sniper's ex-wife talks about Muhammad's abuse

Mildred Muhammad never knew she was John Allen Muhammad's intended target.

Thursday - 10/04/2012, 12:27pm EDT

Keeping children safe during sniper attacks

From the moment news broke that five people were murdered in random shootings in Montgomery County, parents wanted to know: How could the schools keep their children safe?

Thursday - 10/04/2012, 10:49am EDT

Retired chief: Fury at media part of Beltway Sniper code

Ten years after the Beltway Sniper rampage a former Montgomery County police chief says the presence of digital media would change his strategy today.

Thursday - 10/04/2012, 10:00am EDT

Part 11: Shooting at Benjamin Tasker Middle prompted outrage

WTOP's Neal Augenstein reports it wasn't just the wounding of the child that upset police.

Thursday - 10/04/2012, 09:47am EDT


Part 10: Keeping children safe during the crisis

WTOP's Kate Ryan reports on how one mother changed her behavior during the attacks.

Thursday - 10/04/2012, 09:41am EDT


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