Generation Positive

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Generation Positive - An in-depth look at the HIV epidemic

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, known as HIV, has become one of the most notorious killers ever known to man. In "Generation Positive," a week-long series, WTOP's Thomas Warren takes an in-depth look at the HIV epidemic in the U.S. and D.C.

Monday - 01/30/2012, 03:12pm EST

From AIDS diagnosis, to single mom, to founder

Patricia Nalls was a married mother of three when she found out she was HIV positive. Her diagnosis changed the course of her life, leading he to found the Women's Collective, a place where women with HIV and AIDS could talk about health and family issues.

Tuesday - 01/31/2012, 11:40am EST

HIV/AIDS: The U.S. vs. Germany

Both Washington, D.C. and New York City have an extremely high prevalence of HIV infections, with 123,000 living with the virus. That's 56,000 more infections than in the entire country of Germany.

Wednesday - 02/01/2012, 06:37am EST

Live Chat: Dr. Gregory Pappas, D.C. HIV/AIDS Administration

Beginning 12 p.m. Feb. 2, Dr. Gregory Pappas of D.C.'s HIV/AIDS Administration will take your questions on HIV/AIDS in the District and how it's affecting your community.

Wednesday - 02/01/2012, 12:43pm EST

Promising signs of a vaccine for HIV

Results from a recent trial in Thailand have renewed hope that a preventive HIV vaccine may be on the horizon.

Thursday - 02/02/2012, 06:25am EST