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Sister doesn't want cute baby brother to grow up (Video)

A weepy toddler is nothing new -- but a video going viral online captures a 5-year-old sobbing about an adorable sibling bond.

Wednesday - 07/30/2014, 11:20am EDT

Tags: YouTube, growing up, toddler, Sadie, TODAY

Shark dies with sea lion stuck in throat (Video)

Days after a YouTube video showed a White shark thrashing on a Western Australian beach, a government scientist says the shark had a large sea lion lodged in its throat. See video.

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 01:21pm EDT

Tags: great white shark, sea lion, Australia, YouTube, Neal Augenstein

You've been cutting cake all wrong (Video)

You've been cutting your cake all wrong. Watch a video about the best way to do it.

Wednesday - 06/18/2014, 10:05am EDT

Tags: Numberphile, YouTube, cake

YouTube takes down videos of Santa Barbara murderer

YouTube has removed all the videos of Elliot Rodger, the Santa Barbara teen who recorded and posted videos leading up to his killing six and injuring 13 in California.

Wednesday - 05/28/2014, 05:02am EDT

Tags: YouTube, Elliot Rodger, manifesto, Santa Barbara, California, Neal Augenstein, Doug Gansler

Selfie video captures 360-degree images of 36 countries (Video)

A blogger traveled to 36 countries in 600 days and captured the trip in a breathtaking way.

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 11:57am EDT

Tags: Alex Chacon, YouTube, travel

Ford, Cadillac ads clash over work ethic, 'stuff'

A Cadillac ELR commercial released earlier this year has been answered by Ford, and both are gaining attention on YouTube.

Tuesday - 04/01/2014, 06:40am EDT

Tags: cadillac elr, YouTube, ford c-max

Owner captures dog jumping on the bed (Video)

One dog is breaking all the rules, but having fun doing it.

Tuesday - 03/18/2014, 10:42am EDT

Tags: dog, bed, YouTube

New Google ad becomes global tearjerker (Video)

A new Google ad reuniting two elderly Indian friends can be viewed with or without subtitles and should come with a tearjerker alert.

Thursday - 11/21/2013, 11:05am EST

Tags: Google India, you tube, Google Search: Reunion, YouTube, Katie Howard

Is 'The Fox' Norway's answer to 'Gangnam Style?'

The surreal video has already racked up more than 11 million views since surfacing last week.

Monday - 09/09/2013, 11:52am EDT

Tags: YouTube, Ylvis

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