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Steering girls toward STEM: Statistics and solutions

Women are significantly underrepresented in one of the fastest growing job sectors in the U.S. Experts say parents and teachers need to support girls' interest in math and science at a young age.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 09:14am EDT

Tags: math, science, STEM, career, college, Women, Rachel Nania

Employees need alternatives to sitting, AMA says

The American Medical Association says there is mounting evidence that sitting around for long periods of time is unhealthy. The AMA called on employers to find alternatives - including treadmills, standing work stations or isometric balls - to help their employees stay fit and healthy.

Monday - 06/24/2013, 04:26am EDT

Tags: sitting, exercise, American Medical Association, back problems, AMA, david burd

Who has more leisure time, men or women?

A Pew Research Center analysis finds men have more leisure time than women. What do you think?

Tuesday - 06/11/2013, 09:37am EDT

Tags: leisure, marriage, pew research center

How to work with obnoxious coworkers

Coworkers fall into several common office personalities. Here are some tips for handling them.

Thursday - 05/16/2013, 05:51am EDT

Tags: david burd, coworkers, office

Good to Go: Advice for moms and dads returning to the workforce

For many families, there comes a time when a parent who has acted as the main caregiver or childcare provider for his/her family makes the decision to return to part-time or full-time employment. Here are some tips for that transition.

Wednesday - 05/15/2013, 10:33am EDT

Tags: Good to Go, parents, jobs, employment, Katie Howard

Strange boss requests: Will you clip my dog's nails? Buy me a rifle?

A CareerBuilder survey of 3,690 full-time, non- government workers finds that in some cases employers have asked their hires to do some pretty unbelievable things.

Monday - 04/22/2013, 04:56am EDT

Tags: del walters, bosses, Careerbuilder

Work and play help companies thrive

Free food and basketball courts help many companies keep employees.

Saturday - 04/06/2013, 07:07am EDT

Tags: company, work life balance, employer, Randi Martin

View from Venus: It's the money, honey

What causes couples to stress out? Number one is money, according to the 2012 Stress in America survey.

Sunday - 03/31/2013, 07:48am EDT

Tags: stress, money, economy, American Psychological Association, relationships, view from venus

Somebody's watching you -- and it's your boss

Modern technology may make it easier for your boss to watch your every move.

Wednesday - 03/13/2013, 07:32am EDT

Tags: alan etter, big brother, The Wall Street Journal

Transitioning back to work after an extended break

Whether you planned to take a break from your job for a period of time, or it was an unexpected surprise, there are things you can do to make the transition back to work easier on you and your family.

Monday - 03/11/2013, 08:16am EDT

Tags: employment, career coach, Christie Mims

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