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Simple steps to consistently conk out the kids

Kids need consistent sleep schedules to ensure their ever-changing brains develop correctly. But getting them into a routine is the hard part.

Wednesday - 08/07/2013, 10:18am EDT

Tags: sleep, parenting, children, Lacey Mason

Don't let an upset stomach ruin vacation

Stomach trouble can make a vacation take a turn for the worse. Some tips can help keep an upset stomach at bay when traveling.

Wednesday - 07/24/2013, 04:33am EDT

Tags: traveling, stomach illness

Why mosquitoes love you -- and how to stop it (Video)

Does it seem like you get eaten up by mosquitoes more than other people? Well, you might be right.

Wednesday - 07/17/2013, 10:27am EDT

Tags: mosquitoes, wsj, kyle cooper,

Caffeinated snack foods the new energy craze

While the industry of caffeinated food products is still small compared with energy drinks, The Wall Street Journal reports sales in the U.S. have increased nearly 50 percent to $1.6 billion since 2008.

Monday - 04/29/2013, 04:00am EDT

Tags: caffeine, david burd, coffee, energy drinks,

Scientists build body parts from stem cells (VIDEO)

From the pages of science fiction to laboratories around the world, scientists are making human body parts.

Tuesday - 03/26/2013, 05:11am EDT

Tags: stems cells, organs, heart, dick uliano


Too busy? Hire a virtual assistant

There just aren't enough hours in the day anymore. Everything needs to be taken care of immediately but, try as you might, you are still only one person.

Tuesday - 02/26/2013, 07:49am EST

Tags: virtual assistant, david burd,

Sleep positions can help with medical conditions

Sleeping should literally be the most relaxing activity, but studies show most people change positions a dozen times or more through the night.

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 07:37am EST

Tags: dick uliano, sleep, best sleeping positions

Prices on some expensive items may drop in 2013

Looking for brighter, more optimistic skies in 2013? Some high-priced items will become cheaper in the new year.

Monday - 12/31/2012, 05:24am EST

Tags: television, cars, Rosemary Frisino Toohey

Stores change online prices based on shoppers' locations

The Wall Street Journal reports that retailers like Staples adjust online prices based on a customer's distance from a store and a company's competitors.

Monday - 12/24/2012, 11:38am EST

Tags: online shopping, prices, business, Greg Bianco

As gender roles change, advertisers focus on men

New ads reflect a new reality. Men are spending more time doing housework.

Friday - 12/07/2012, 05:23am EST

Tags: del walters, shopping, gender roles

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