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View from Venus: Women need to band together to reach the top

To be competitive, women need to learn how to put their networks to work and actively help other women so that Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton are not exceptions to the rule.

Sunday - 12/30/2012, 12:37pm EST

Tags: employment, books, Randi Martin

View from Venus: Finding a husband is easier if you know where to look

If you're looking for a husband, go where single men outnumber single women. That way you have better odds, according to author Andrew Dolan.

Sunday - 12/23/2012, 09:45am EST

Tags: relationships, dating, books, Randi Martin

View from Venus: Hasbro is feeling the heat from a little pink oven

Many of us never had a problem with Hasbro's Easy- Bake Ovens, a toy that has been in our homes since the 1960s, but one New Jersey eighth grader does.

Sunday - 12/16/2012, 11:36am EST

Tags: Easy Bake Oven, Hasbro, Randi Martin

View from Venus: Maintaining a marriage

Married couples in the U.S. are divorcing at higher rate than ever before.

Sunday - 12/02/2012, 11:56am EST

Tags: CDC, marriage, divorce,

Study: Ladies love a rosy-cheeked man

Women prefer men with a ruddy skin tone because it indicates a strong alpha-male with dominant genes.

Sunday - 10/14/2012, 10:54am EDT

Tags: ruddy cheeks, Journal of Evolutionary Psychology,

Do opposites really attract?

We fall in love for selfish reasons. We tend to pick people who offer qualities that we lack, picking people that "complete us.

Sunday - 03/11/2012, 06:54am EDT

Tags: Randi Martin, relationships

View from Venus: What's wrong with living single?

Many Americans are single -- whether their widowed, divorced or just simply never married. In today's society, more time is spent being single than married.

Sunday - 02/26/2012, 12:00pm EST

Tags: marriage, Dr. Bella DePaulo

A View from Venus: A few thoughts on breaking up

Thinking about that big break up? Consider a few things first.

Sunday - 02/12/2012, 01:34pm EST

Tags: Randi Martin, Valentines Day, relationships

Saying 'I love you' is not so simple

Most people are thrilled when they hear "I Love you" from their romantic partners for the first time, but does it really mean what you think?

Sunday - 01/08/2012, 12:37pm EST

Tags: Joshua Ackerman

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