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How to talk to your kids about video games

As video game makers unveil new and improved titles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, some parents might be wondering how to navigate the increasingly complicated playing field.

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 06:52am EDT

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Do violent video games make children violent?

A new study looks at whether children who play violent video games demonstrate more violent or aggressive behavior, longterm.

Friday - 04/25/2014, 02:11pm EDT

Tags: american academy of pediatrics, paula wolfson, Children

Tech giants compete for video-game apps

Video games can get intense, but it turns out the real competition may be between the companies who offer the apps that let you play on your phone.

Monday - 04/21/2014, 07:14am EDT

Tags: apple, Google

Phony book covers disguise video games

The piles of computer games he'd coveted has teenager were becoming a liability as an adult - so one gamer came up with a creative way to conceal his passion.

Friday - 09/13/2013, 09:25am EDT

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WTOP's Top 5 morning stories

Five stories to keep you informed and get you going.

Tuesday - 04/24/2012, 09:08am EDT

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Experience 40 years of video games at the Smithsonian

In all that time, a lot has been said about the merits of home gaming. Some see it as a useful outlet for developing hand-eye coordination or simply a great way to have fun. Others see games as a complete waste of time.

Tuesday - 03/13/2012, 06:11am EDT

Tags: nathan hagar, GameFest, The Art of Video Games, American Art Museum, Chris Melissinos, Smithsonian, D.C.

Smithsonian details upcoming art exhibit on gaming

Wednesday - 01/18/2012, 08:48am EST

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Schools may to turn to video games for learning

Many kids often get in trouble at school for playing games in class. Soon, it may become the way they learn.

Friday - 12/23/2011, 04:50am EST

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