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Montgomery County gets new laws to protect trees

Montgomery County will get a little greener after the county executive signed a law aimed to preserve and increase the number of trees in the county.

Tuesday - 07/30/2013, 09:56am EDT

Tags: Montgomery County, Conservation Montgomery, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett, runoff, Sarah Beth Hensley

Virginia Beach hunts for perfect Oceanfront tree

It's not easy being a tree on Virginia Beach's signature strip. Trees planted along Atlantic Avenue are assaulted every year by strong winds carrying salt-laden seawater droplets.

Sunday - 07/07/2013, 06:40pm EDT

Tags: Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach,

A killer beetle: How to check for signs of the emerald ash borer

The emerald ash borer, native to China, has destroyed 100 million ash trees since its arrival in the U.S. more than a decade ago. The destructive pest has reached the Washington area, where it will soon emerge again.

Wednesday - 05/15/2013, 03:56am EDT

Tags: emerald ash borer, pests, andrew mollenbeck, Lourdes Chamorro, bugs, beetles

Lack of tree sex causes worse allergy symptoms

If your allergies are acting up, it may be due to a lack of sex.

Monday - 05/06/2013, 07:30am EDT

Tags: allergies, ginkgo, crab apple, Mike McGrath, Hank Silverberg

Power companies offer free trees

Pepco and BGE are offering their customers free trees and advice on where to plant them.

Saturday - 04/27/2013, 11:26am EDT

Tags: max smith, Pepco, BGE

Potomac Nationals plant trees for broken bats

The Potomac Nationals and the U.S. Forest Service are planting 187 trees in Fairfax.

Friday - 04/26/2013, 07:53pm EDT

Tags: Potomac Nationals, U.S. Forest Service, Woodbridge, Va.

District plants trees to combat crime

The District may be using trees as crime fighting tools. D.C. is planting more trees this year than in any other year in recent history.

Saturday - 10/20/2012, 09:13am EDT

Tags: mark segraves,

Pepco giving away two free trees

Pepco is offering two free trees to customers in an effort to help residents conserve energy and reduce electricity bills.

Friday - 10/19/2012, 05:33pm EDT

Tags: Pepco, energy conservation

Garden Plot: The best trees, the worst trees

Not all trees are created equal. WTOP's Garden Editor Mike McGrath tells you which are which and answers your gardening questions.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 07:16am EDT

Tags: casey trees, Mike McGrath, garden plot,

How dog urine can kill city trees

The next time a dog is tugging on its leash, headed for a solid-looking pine to "water," WTOP's Garden Editor Mike McGrath says that small territorial claim could kill the tree.

Monday - 09/17/2012, 04:12pm EDT

Tags: dog urine, Mike McGrath,

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