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More deer means more ticks and illnesses

An early spring and warm winter are leading to a painfully long tick season, which will translate to more bites and illnesses.

Sunday - 04/08/2012, 07:44am EDT

Tags: lyme disease

The tubes that take out ticks!

Tick Tubes are one of my favorite tick-prevention devices. They're cardboard tubes filled with cotton balls soaked in a pesticide called permethrin that's especially deadly to ticks.

Friday - 04/06/2012, 10:33am EDT

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When ticks attack! Tips for avoiding Lyme disease

Have no fear. WTOP spoke with Mike Raupp, an entomologist at the University of Maryland, who has tips for keeping clear of ticks and the Lyme disease they often carry.

Thursday - 04/05/2012, 04:51pm EDT

Tags: lyme disease, Mike Raupp, University of Maryland

Garlic sprays and taming weeds with flames

The white flowers early in the season are very distinctive, so learn what the plant looks like and pull it slowly out of wet soil right away before those flowers can turn into the explosive seedpods.

Friday - 03/30/2012, 08:58am EDT

Tags: weeds, pests, garlic, mosquitos

Fairfax Co. paints deer pink to prevent ticks (VIDEO)

A research study to control ticks in Fairfax County is creating a bizarre sight: deer with pink stripes.

Tuesday - 03/27/2012, 04:14am EDT

Tags: deer, Fairfax County, andrew mollenbeck

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