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Teens prefer newer social media sites over Facebook

Teenagers aren't as crazy about Facebook as they used to be. So what's hot now?

Thursday - 07/04/2013, 05:02am EDT

Tags: facebook, parenting, Internet, Joan Jones

'Contagious' suicide a concern in teens

The third-leading cause of death among young people isn't disease or accident -- it's suicide. And according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, one happens every 13.7 minutes.

Wednesday - 05/22/2013, 08:52am EDT

Tags: Kate Ryan, parenting, suicide, suicide prevention, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, National Association of School Psychologists

Nearly half of teens admit texting while driving, study says

"This is really a huge problem," says the study's lead author, Dr. Andrew Adesman

Saturday - 05/04/2013, 04:40pm EDT

Tags: text while driving, texting and driving, texting while driving

Leggings as pants: A local school sets the standards

A local teen's clothing choice is causing a ruffle in the dress policy at a Montgomery County high school.

Friday - 04/05/2013, 01:56pm EDT

Tags: leggings, Rockland High School, Montgomery County, high school, style

Publishing a book and becoming a CEO before age 20

Arlington native R.J. Tolson has written a book, started a company and founded an international charity. And he's only 19 years old.

Wednesday - 04/03/2013, 11:11am EDT

Tags: books, publishing, author, Hoai-Tran Bui

Report: Mobile device provides primary Web access for some teens

Parents concerned about what their teenagers access on the Internet may have more reason to worry. A new Pew survey shows some teens are accessing the Web primarily via mobile device.

Wednesday - 03/13/2013, 06:48am EDT

Tags: Kate Ryan, PEW, parenting, cell phones, cellphone

Largely hidden, dating violence is prevalent in teen relationships

One in three teens is a victim of dating violence. Montgomery County has stepped up awareness efforts for students and their parents.

Monday - 03/04/2013, 06:57am EST

Tags: Paula Wolfson, dating violence, abusive relationships, Domestic Violence Coordinating Council of Montgomery County, domestic violence

Va. Senate votes to keep teens out of tanning salons

As an increasing number of teens head indoors to get their tans, keeping kids under the age of 15 out of tanning beds is on the minds of Virginia lawmakers.

Sunday - 02/03/2013, 01:42am EST

Tags: tan, tanning salon, Virginia Senate, thomas warren

Cellphone use at night poses risk to teens

Many teenagers keep their cellphones near their beds at night to text friends, but researchers say using phones after lights out poses a health risk for teens.

Wednesday - 10/03/2012, 06:16am EDT

Tags: cellphones, mental health, Dick Uliano

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