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Study: Arthritis, pain-relieving drugs may contribute to stroke deaths

There is more evidence that arthritis and pain-relieving drugs may contribute to stroke deaths.

Sunday - 11/09/2014, 01:12am EST

Tags: Arthritis, Stroke, pain-reducing drugs, Neurology, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Certain health conditions during pregnancy increase women's risk of heart problems later

More women die of heart disease than men. And while the risk factors are pretty much the same for both sexes, some conditions during pregnancy can increase a woman's chances of heart problems later on.

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 11:48am EST

Tags: heart attack, Stroke, cardiovascular disease, paula wolfson

Vitamin C may help prevent stroke

That morning glass of orange juice may just be a powerful weapon to prevent stroke.

Monday - 02/17/2014, 09:09am EST

Tags: vitamin c, Stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, American Academy of Neurology, Pontchaillou University Hospital, paula wolfson


Stroke affects more women than men, yet little education exists

A woman is more likely to die from a stroke than a man. But prevention and treatment guidelines have always been targeted at male patients -- until now.

Friday - 02/07/2014, 04:35am EST

Tags: Paula Wolfsons, Stroke, Alex Dromerick, stroke prevention guidelines

How an iPad can prevent critical stroke injury

The University of Virginia Health System is working with local rescue squads to outfit ambulances with iPads and tablets, so that doctors can diagnose such patients en route to the hospital.

Saturday - 01/11/2014, 11:58am EST

Tags: Health, Stroke, University of Virginia, University of Virginia Medical Center, Kathy Stewart, iTREAT

Study: Nighttime aspirin dose can reduce morning heart-attack risk

Many people take low-dose aspirin to reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke. But a new study suggests that taking that aspirin at night can help even more.

Wednesday - 11/20/2013, 09:47am EST

Tags: USA TODAY, aspirin, heart attack, Stroke

CDC: D.C. sees highest rate in U.S. of preventable cardiovascular disease deaths

Of all of the states in the U.S., D.C. saw the highest rate of preventable deaths from heart disease, stroke and hypertensive disease in 2010 at rate of 99.6 per 100,000 population, the CDC reports.

Wednesday - 09/04/2013, 08:40am EDT

Tags: heart attack, heart disease, Stroke, high blood pressure, CDC, D.C., preventable deaths

D.C. judge promotes stroke awareness through personal experience

A local top judge is speaking out about the day his staff defied his orders -- and saved his brain.

Friday - 05/10/2013, 02:23pm EDT

Tags: National Stroke Awareness, paula wolfson, Stroke, judge, D.C. Superior Court, Lee Satterfield

Stress is a danger to your heart and overall health

Washington is a hotbed of stress. A local cardiologist talks about how it can affect your life.

Thursday - 10/18/2012, 06:01am EDT

Tags: Health, heart, paula wolfson, Virginia Heart, Stroke, >District Psychotherapy Associates

Stroke: The other cardiovascular disease

"There is a clot busting medication called TPA that is the only FDA-approved treatment for stroke. It is dependent on people getting to the hospital very early and being able to be treated very early," said Dr. Amie Hsia.

Thursday - 02/16/2012, 06:12pm EST

Tags: heart attack, heart disease, Stroke, paula wolfson

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