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Spy in the Sky: The future of drone surveillance

Inside two noisy hangars about a mile apart sit two of the Navy's most important and carefully guarded projects that could radically alter maritime intelligence gathering.

Friday - 03/22/2013, 09:57am EDT

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Spy in the Sky: Anatomy of a drone strike

U.S. drone strikes are believed to have killed between 1,900 and 3,300 people abroad since 2004. So far in 2013, there have been at least nine alleged U.S. drone strikes -- all of them in Pakistan.

Thursday - 03/21/2013, 11:00am EDT

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Spy in the Sky: Store-bought spies in rural Va.

Russell County in Southwest Virginia is perhaps an unlikely place for the front lines of the drone debate, but the county has purchased two drones.

Tuesday - 03/19/2013, 05:51am EDT

Tags: Andrew Mollenbeck, Russell County, drones, Federal Aviation Administration


Spy in the Sky: A close encounter

On March 5, a drone came within 200 feet of a Boeing 777, leading to a momentary scramble to determine the origin and coordinates of the drone.

Monday - 03/18/2013, 12:18pm EDT

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Spy in the Sky: Grounded in the nation's capital

In the WTOP series "Spy in the Sky," we examine the types of drones used by the U.S. military and fears about targeted killings, both at home and abroad.

Monday - 03/18/2013, 12:17pm EDT

Tags: Adam Eidinger, drones, Andrew Mollenbeck, Federal Aviation Administration

Spy in the Sky: WTOP examines drone debate

You usually can't hear them or see them. But they're watching. And they're everywhere.

Friday - 03/15/2013, 06:04am EDT

Tags: drones, Andrew Mollenbeck, JJ Green