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A prosecutor's tale: Paul Ebert on pursuing the death penalty

Paul Ebert has sent more murderers to the death chamber than any prosecutor in the country, but he had never witnessed an execution. Then he met John Allen Muhammad.

Saturday - 10/06/2012, 01:37am EDT

Tags: Paul Ebert, John Allen Muhammad, Lee Boyd Malvo, prosecutor


The futile search for a white van in shootings

During the Beltway sniper siege, all eyes were looking for white vans. Yet the snipers did their killing from a hole cut in the trunk of a 1990 Chevy Caprice - and so the futile search began.

Thursday - 10/04/2012, 07:05pm EDT

Tags: Maryland State Police, dick uliano, Charlie Deane

Keeping children safe during sniper attacks

From the moment news broke that five people were murdered in random shootings in Montgomery County, parents wanted to know: How could the schools keep their children safe?

Thursday - 10/04/2012, 10:49am EDT

Tags: Kate Ryan, D.C. Snipers, Larry Bowers, Montgomery County schools, school safety

Doug Duncan recalls 'three weeks of daily terror'

Former Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan remembers the terror of the sniper attacks and the "camaraderie" that brought together the families of the victims.

Wednesday - 10/03/2012, 07:31am EDT

Tags: Doug Duncan, Montgomery County Police, Kate Ryan

Becoming a sniper victim: 'It could have been anybody'

Ask people about the three weeks of terror in October 2002 and some struggle to find the right words to express themselves.

Tuesday - 10/02/2012, 02:54pm EDT

Tags: Kristi King,

In the Crosshairs: A multimedia look back

Join WTOP for a multimedia look back at a dangerous time in D.C., when many needlessly lost their lives and the region was paralyzed by fear.

Tuesday - 10/02/2012, 08:23am EDT


Lessons learned from the D.C. Sniper shootings

Mike Semel, deputy local editor for news and investigations, The Washington Post

Monday - 10/01/2012, 05:55pm EDT

Tags: Lee Boyd Malvo, Mike Semel, Washington Post


Ahead of anniversary, sniper victims move on

As the region begins to mark the 10th anniversary of the D.C.-area sniper shootings, some may remember the terror, while those touched by the violence remember the pain.

Wednesday - 09/19/2012, 02:53am EDT

Tags: dick uliano, Lee Boyd Malvo, John Allen Muhammad, Paul LaRuffa

Police: Scanners could have saved victims of the Beltway snipers

License plate technology now in use could have made a life-or-death difference for the victims of the Beltway snipers in 2002.

Friday - 03/30/2012, 07:56am EDT

Tags: Kate Ryan, John Allen Muhammad, Russ Hamill, Montgomery County Police, Lee Boyd Malvo