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Md.'s Bartlett apologizes for Holocaust remark

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett is apologizing for invoking the Holocaust during a discussion about federally subsidized student loans.

Friday - 09/07/2012, 01:39pm EDT

Tags: Roscoe Bartlett, Holocaust, student loans

Md.'s Bartlett skipping convention to campaign

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett is skipping the Republican national convention in Tampa, Fla., next month to spend time campaigning.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 01:03pm EDT

Tags: Roscoe Bartlett, John Delaney

Bartlett fined $5,000 by FEC

The Federal Elections Commission fined Maryland Rep. Roscoe Bartlett $5,000 this year after he repeatedly filed incomplete campaign finance reports.

Monday - 06/25/2012, 01:17pm EDT

Tags: Roscoe Bartlett, FEC

Study: Congress don't speak as good as they used to could

Members of the 112th Congress speak at a full grade level lower than they did a decade ago, according to a recent study from the Sunlight Foundation. The analysis uses the Flesch- Kincaid test, which measures the length of sentences and the complexity of words in a given text, in this case the speeches in the Congressional Record.

Friday - 06/01/2012, 11:33am EDT

Tags: Gerry Connolly, Roscoe Bartlett, Sunlight foundation, paul shinkman

Barlett, 86, seeks 11th term (VIDEO)

Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett says he ran 20 years ago because he thought the government spent and taxed too much, and he believes that's true again today.

Monday - 04/02/2012, 10:58am EDT

Tags: Roscoe Bartlett, 6th Congressional District

Garagiola 'frustrated' with ideological politicians (VIDEO)

Rob Garagiola is in a competitive Democratic primary race in the newly redrawn District 6 currently held by Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett.

Monday - 04/02/2012, 10:55am EDT

Tags: Rob Garagiola, Roscoe Bartlett, 6th Congressional District

Afzali wants immigration overhaul, transportation funding (VIDEO)

When Kathy Afzali ran for delegate in 2010 she unseated the incumbent, Joseph Bartlett. Now she's aiming to do the same to his father, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett.

Monday - 04/02/2012, 10:35am EDT

Tags: Kathy Afzali, Roscoe Bartlett, 6th Congressional District

Diversity, progressive views propel Pooran's run (VIDEO)

Milad Pooran is a critical care physician who joined the Air National Guard as a third-year medical student, he has been on every continent and now wants to go where even fewer have been before: Congress.

Monday - 04/02/2012, 10:18am EDT

Tags: Milad Pooran, Roscoe Bartlett, 6th Congressional District

Delaney: Employment is central issue facing nation (VIDEO)

Democrat John Delaney, a 6th Congressional District candidate, talks about what will happen to Maryland when the federal government starts spending less money.

Monday - 04/02/2012, 10:17am EDT

Tags: John Delaney, Roscoe Bartlett, 6th Congressional District

Md. 6th District contest is quickly heating up

Maryland Democrats used to campaigns where one front-runner coasts to victory are experiencing a very different campaign season.

Monday - 03/12/2012, 05:08pm EDT

Tags: kate ryan, 6th Congressional District, Rob Garagiola, John Delaney, Myrna Whitworth, Roscoe Bartlett, David Brinkley

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