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Mixed reactions to Redskins draft trade deal

Fans had mixed reactions to the news that the Washington Redskins will be giving up several early draft picks this year in order to have a chance at drafting Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.

Saturday - 03/10/2012, 12:38pm EST

Tags: Robert Griffin III, Redskins, David Elfin


Redskins could move training camp to Richmond

The Redskins are considering taking summer training camp and the business that goes with it to Richmond.

Thursday - 03/08/2012, 07:04am EST

Tags: Redskins, ashburn, Richmond, University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, Neal Augenstein, Colleen Kelleher

Fmr. Redskin, announcer react to NFL bounty investigation

Some memorable names in Redskins history are reacting to the NFL's investigation of former Redskins Defensive Coordinator, Gregg Williams, for paying players cash bonuses for injuring opponents.

Monday - 03/05/2012, 06:39pm EST

Tags: Gregg Williams, Redskins, Ken Harvey, Frank Herzog, bounty, nfl

Misunderstood tweet causes firestorm over Peyton Manning's future

A single tweet caused a firestorm today, leading many to believe future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning was on his way to Washington.

Saturday - 01/14/2012, 10:06am EST

Tags: tweet, manning, Redskins

Will Skins fans jump on the Ravens bandwagon?

With a team 45 minutes to the north of D.C. having a good deal of success of late, would Redskins fans root for the Purple and Black during their playoff run? Or would they even want to?

Thursday - 01/12/2012, 12:22am EST

Tags: Redskins, Ravens, Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis, nfl, super bowl, John Harbaugh, fans

WTOP 'Skins predictions realized...more like 'burgundy and mold'

WTOP loves the gridiron so much, the newsroom's central table where all the junk food lives is called "the football." A lot of heart goes into the game, which is why the Redskins' 5-11 performance this year has been particularly exhausting.

Wednesday - 01/04/2012, 02:46pm EST

Tags: Redskins, Mike Shanahan

Redskins headed to outhouse, not penthouse

John Riggins, Redskins Hall of Famer

Monday - 01/02/2012, 07:58am EST

Tags: Redskins, John Riggins


Redskins rookie Smith to face Vikings' Jared Allen

When Willie Smith became the only undrafted rookie to make the Washington Redskins opening day roster, he celebrated by spiffing up his 2000 all-white Crown Victoria.

Thursday - 12/22/2011, 07:45am EST

Tags: Redskins, Vikings, nfl

$1,000 savings for Redskins tickets

The Redskins are offering what appears to be an unbeatable deal.

Friday - 07/01/2011, 09:51am EDT

Tags: alicia lozano, Redskins, football, nfl

Pr. George's Co. works to reduce backlog of warrants

Prince George's County has been working to reduce its backlog of felony warrants which totaled more than 26,000 earlier this year.

Thursday - 06/30/2011, 05:12am EDT

Tags: melvin high, Redskins, felony warrants, michelle basch

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