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Car acrobatics demonstrate red-light hazards (VIDEO)

Red-light camera footage of a tremendous crash in Roselle Park, NY has been making its rounds on the Internet recently. A 29-year-old sustained - amazingly - only minor injuries after the care he was driving careened through an intersection, ran into the diving wall and flipped up in the air.

Friday - 07/13/2012, 12:48pm EDT

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D.C. collects record $55.1 million from camera enforcement

The District collected a record $55.1 million from speed and red-light cameras during its 2011 fiscal year, despite issuing fewer citations than the year before.

Friday - 06/08/2012, 05:59am EDT

Tags: speed cameras, traffic cameras, John Aaron

Alexandria traffic cams reveal thousands of red light runners

During the first three months of this year, more than 3,200 red-light fines have been handed out at the city's three red-light intersections.

Tuesday - 05/22/2012, 06:40am EDT

Tags: Adam Tuss, sprawl & crawl,

Montgomery Co. to slow drivers down with 30 new cameras

The Washington Examiner reports the county plans to install 10 new portable speed cameras and 20 new red-light cameras. Currently, there are 56 fixed pole cameras, 10 portable cameras, six speed camera vans and 40 red light cameras.

Tuesday - 04/24/2012, 02:01pm EDT

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Legal landscape murky on red-light cameras

The use of red-light cameras is expanding in the Washington area and throughout the country, along with a growing debate about the legal status of the devices.

Monday - 04/09/2012, 07:11am EDT

Tags: mitchell miller

Broken traffic camera cuts red light runners some slack

Red light runners managed to get a break for about a month because of a prominent camera that was on the fritz.

Thursday - 03/01/2012, 07:08am EST

Tags: Adam Tuss, sprawl & crawl, Falls Church

Video goes behind the scenes of red light cameras

Ever wonder how red light cameras are programmed to snap a photo if a drivers runs the light?

Wednesday - 06/29/2011, 08:57am EDT


City of Fairfax brings back red light cameras

Starting July 1, red light cameras will operate at two big intersections in the City of Fairfax.

Tuesday - 06/28/2011, 09:45am EDT

Tags: Hank Silverberg, Fairfax

DHS develops new tools against common cyber threats

DHS, private research groups launch new tools to help agencies and industry close cybersecurity holes. DHS officials liken a rating system to the Energy Star labels that indicate how efficient appliances are.

Tuesday - 06/28/2011, 08:18am EDT

Tags: Hank Silverberg, Fairfax

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