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How to get your Red Bull refund

If you bought a Red Bull product in the last 12 years, you may be eligible for a $10 cash refund or $15 in products.

Friday - 10/10/2014, 03:06pm EDT

Tags: Red Bull, refund, settlement

Red Bull, Volkswagen bet on motorsports in D.C.

The inaugural Red Bull Rallycross D.C. landed at RFK Stadium this weekend in an attempt to reach out to the next generation of motorsports fan.

Wednesday - 06/25/2014, 11:19am EDT

Tags: Red Bull, Red Bull Rallycross, Volkswagen, RFK Stadium

Free falling 19-stories into National Harbor (Video)

With a confident step, Miles Daisher dropped from 19 stories up, controlled his parachute, glided through a water display and eventually touched down safely -- all in a hotel atrium.

Thursday - 04/04/2013, 05:05pm EDT

Tags: Red Bull, Miles Daisher, Andrwe Mollenbeck, skydiving

Daredevil attempts 23-mile high space jump in July (VIDEO)

Imagine jumping out of a pod 23 miles above earth into -70 degree fahrenheit conditions, then freefalling for 5 minutes in a pressurized suit so your blood doesn't boil.

Monday - 02/13/2012, 07:19am EST

Tags: Felix Baumgartner, Red Bull, space jump