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Eating chocolate can help with weight loss

A new book claims that eating chocolate can help you lose weight.

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 02:32pm EST

Tags: chocolate, Rohan Williamson, weight loss, diet, Will Clower

Creative recipes for Thanksgiving sides

Turkey is the symbol of Thanksgiving for a traditional holiday spread, but what about the side dishes that accompany the 20-pound star of the table? Aviva Goldfarb offers creative recipes for Thanksgiving side dishes.

Thursday - 11/21/2013, 07:48am EST

Tags: Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving dinner, side dishes, Aviva Goldfarb

Not just for drinking: Cooking with craft beer

If you thought craft beer was just for drinking, John Holl is out to prove you wrong.

Friday - 11/08/2013, 07:41am EST

Tags: Rachel Nania, Craft beer, cooking, John Holl, The American Craft Beer Cookbook

Weekly Scramble recipe: Rosemary-garlic pork with whipped sweet potatoes

Aviva Goldfarb from the Six O'Clock Scramble offers a weekly recipe for busy families.

Monday - 10/14/2013, 07:52am EDT

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Spinach and quinoa salad: A healthy recipe for weeknight meals

This dish uses two power foods -- spinach and quinoa -- and takes less than 30 minutes to throw together. It can be served as a main dish, as a side or as a salad.

Monday - 10/07/2013, 06:42am EDT

Tags: Aviva Goldfarb, dinner, quinoa, healthy, Spinach and quinoa salad, spinach, recipes

Your weekend recipe: Ravioli with parsley pesto

A healthy and simple dinner recipe from Aviva Goldfarb, author and founder of 'The Six O'Clock Scramble.'

Friday - 09/20/2013, 08:53am EDT

Tags: Aviva Goldfarb, food, Six O

Shepherd's Pie: A hearty recipe for fall

WTOP Living asked food contributor Mary Beth Albright to submit a recipe that screams "fall." Her submission? A hearty serving of shepherd's pie.

Monday - 09/16/2013, 07:45am EDT

Tags: Mary Beth Albright, food, fall

Deconstructing Indian cooking

Thirty-one years ago, Raghavan Iyer moved from Mumbai to Minneapolis. Recreating the tastes of India in the kitchen is one way Iyer planned to make his home, 8,000-miles away, feel closer. But he quickly realized his biggest limitation in this quest: American grocery stores.

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 09:10pm EDT

Tags: indian food, cooking, Raghavan Iyer, spices, tips, food, book,

Is food making your family sick?

If your household feels rundown or sick often, there could be a link to your ailments and the food you and your family consume.

Wednesday - 06/26/2013, 08:37am EDT

Tags: Health, food, Good to Go, Kelly Dorfman, summer,

Preserving seasonal food and culinary techniques

Put away the liquid nitrogen. When it comes to food, more traditional techniques are taking the spotlight. Chefs, home cooks and diners are returning to dried or cured meats, house-infused beverages and handmade treats over modern approaches. And one technique that has gained traction in the culinary and home kitchen arena is canning and preserving.

Thursday - 05/16/2013, 08:15am EDT

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