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Men don't understand women and that's something new?

A study published in the journal Plos One questions whether or not a man can read a woman's emotions by looking into her eyes.

Saturday - 04/20/2013, 11:11pm EDT

Tags: PLOS ONE, The Body Odd, Randi Martin, Judy Hoberman

Low bone density can be prevented, reversed

Good news for women with low bone density: osteoperosis is a disease that can be prevented, stabilized and, at times, reversed.

Saturday - 04/13/2013, 07:25am EDT

Tags: osteoporosis, osteopenia, bones, bone density, Randi Martin

Hired help finds love in the capital

Even in the age of online dating, the business of matchmaking is thriving. Two D.C. matchmakers say a number of factors contribute to the popularity of expert matchmaking.

Friday - 04/12/2013, 05:55pm EDT

Tags: matchmaker, Randi Martin, love, DC Matchmaking, Premier Match

Tips for stress-free clothes shopping

Shopping is not all fun and games for everyone. Many women -- and men -- experience anxiety when gearing up for a trip to the mall.

Wednesday - 04/10/2013, 08:29am EDT

Tags: shopping, Randi Martin, Lauren Rothman, clothing, clothes shopping

Online dating: Putting your best face forward

Between the time, energy and social media aspects an online dating profile can require, many find it exhausting.

Sunday - 04/07/2013, 10:28am EDT

Tags: online dating, Randi Martin, profile pictures

Work and play help companies thrive

Free food and basketball courts help many companies keep employees.

Saturday - 04/06/2013, 07:07am EDT

Tags: company, work, work life balance, employer, Randi Martin

Smart ways to save money for retirement

Parents may want to pay for their child's education, but they also need enough money in the bank to survive in retirement. Financial expert Carmen Wong Ulrich offers some money saving advice.

Saturday - 03/30/2013, 01:45pm EDT

Tags: retirement, savings, college tuition, WTOP Saves You Money, Finances, Randi Martin

Victoria's Secret underwear under fire for target age

The parenting world is reacting to the new "Bright Young Things" line of Victoria's Secret underwear, which many claim are geared toward younger generations.

Thursday - 03/28/2013, 07:09am EDT

Tags: Randi Martin, victorias secret, underwear


Sleeping on the job: The rise of nap rooms

Some companies recognize that work productivity can be hampered by a constant lack of sleep and have responded by installing quiet, comfortable naps rooms.

Saturday - 03/23/2013, 10:42am EDT

Tags: napping, sleep, University of Maryland Sleep Disorders Center, employee, Randi Martin

How to haggle to save money

Want to save money on your cable bills or car purchase? It can be as easy as haggling for a better price.

Saturday - 03/16/2013, 07:11am EDT

Tags: haggle, save money, buying a car, personal finances, WTOP Saves You Money, Randi Martin

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