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Van Hollen, Paul weigh in on 'Obamacare,' hearings

As Congress on Thursday begins to scrutinize the source of glitches that have plagued, many Republicans and Democrats have expressed differing viewpoints about who is to blame.

Thursday - 10/24/2013, 10:57am EDT

Tags: Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, website, Rand Paul, Chris Van Hollen


Rand Paul wants influence in growing the GOP

After drawing national attention with his 13-hour filibuster on the government's use of drones, Sen. Rand Paul has emerged as a potential new leader of the Republican Party. But he doesn't necessarily see himself in that position.

Thursday - 03/21/2013, 10:23am EDT

Tags: Rand Paul, republicans, presidential election, drones


Sen. Rand Paul: Let the sequester go through

While Congress attempts to stave off the devastating across-the-board spending cuts known as "sequestration," Republican Sen. Rand Paul says it wouldn't be such a bad idea if the sequester goes through.

Thursday - 02/14/2013, 01:23pm EST

Tags: Rand Paul, Mark Warner, sequestration