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Get ready to bring your pooch to work

Don't be bitter cat lovers. Friday is "Take Your Dog to Work Day."

Thursday - 06/20/2013, 06:58am EDT

Tags: david burd, take your dog to work day, Pets, dogs

Woman charged in kitten theft; kitten adopted

A 24-year-old woman from SE D.C. has been charged with misdemeanor theft for taking Callista the kitten.

Friday - 06/14/2013, 12:25pm EDT

Tags: washington humane society, Pets, theft

Building a sanctuary to heal a torn Connecticut town

Catherine Hubbard loved animals. But on Dec. 14, 2012, the 6-year-old lost her life at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Now, her family is honoring her life-long dream with an animal sanctuary.

Wednesday - 06/12/2013, 11:52am EDT

Tags: Catherine Hubbard, Jenny Hubbard, animal sanctuary, newtown, Sandy Hook Elementary, Pets, animals


Four Mile Run under advisory after sewage spill

After a wreck in Arlington dumped 1,800 gallons of sewage into area storm drains, officials are warning residents and their pets to steer clear of Four Mile Run.

Monday - 05/27/2013, 02:17pm EDT

Tags: sewage spill, Four Mile Run, Pets, water quality, environment, Kate Ryan

Will your pet be cared for when you're gone?

The new faces showing up at area animal shelters are actually old ones. Dogs and cats whose owners have died are now finding that their final home is a cage.

Saturday - 05/25/2013, 07:44am EDT

Tags: Pets, will, randi martin, adoption, euthanasia

How will the cicada invasion affect your pets?

The entire East Coast is "abuzz" about the impending entomological invasion that is promised to occur any day now. And with the weather finally warming this week, that magical 64 degrees that the ground has to reach before the cicadas emerge is sure to occur soon.

Wednesday - 05/22/2013, 05:53pm EDT

Tags: cicadas, Pets, Dr. Pawz, Dr. Katy Nelson

Donations to help abducted dog recover

A West Highland Terrior who survived an abduction from his Manassas, Va., home has a badly injured from his ordeal. And donations have flooded in to help pay for his needed surgery.

Saturday - 05/18/2013, 01:31pm EDT

Tags: Ozzy, Pets, animal cruelty, Manassas, crime, SPCA


Fluffy and Fido are good for your heart

Owning a pet, particularly a dog, could lower your risk of heart disease.

Monday - 05/13/2013, 05:17am EDT

Tags: del walters, heart health, Pets, cats, dogs, American Heart Association

Dr. Pawz: Katy's 10 tips for choosing the right pet food, Part 2

As a good pet parent, you already know your pet needs to be eating nutritionally complete and balanced food. But with so many diets out there, how do you choose the perfect one for your pet? Local veterinarian Dr. Katy Nelson has some tips.

Wednesday - 05/08/2013, 09:20am EDT

Tags: Dr. Pawz, pet food, Katy Nelson, Pets

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