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Petition aims to cancel TLC's '19 Kids and Counting'

More than 80,000 people have signed a petition to take TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" off the air because of the family's anti-LGBT sentiments.

Thursday - 11/20/2014, 04:21pm EST

Tags: 19 Kids and Counting,, Duggars, TLC

Plus-size jeans controversy hits social media

Old Navy is dealing with a big old controversy.

Friday - 11/14/2014, 07:21am EST

Tags: Old Navy, michelle basch


Facebook removes ‘Kill Kendall Jones' community page

Some Facebook users are upset about the time it took for Facebook to remove 'Kill Kendall Jones' community page.

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 12:57pm EDT

Tags: Kendall Jones, Facebook, hunting, social media,

Visitors furious over National Zoo's decision to close invertebrate exhibit

A collection of blue crabs, sea anemone, butterflies and other creatures will need to find new homes after the National Zoo announced it would close its invertebrate exhibit beginning Sunday. But many visitors and volunteers are furious.

Friday - 06/20/2014, 11:07am EDT

Tags: National Zoo, Jamie Forzato, Invertebrate Exhibit, Terri Jacobsen,

N.Y. Native American Nation files petition against U.S.

Wanting to be a part of the discussion about future land use, environmental protections and equal rights, a Native American nation is filing a human rights petition against the U.S. government.

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 05:19pm EDT

Tags: Onondaga, native americans, Syracuse

107,000 sign petition to deport Justin Bieber

More than 107,000 people are have signed a petition on asking the federal government to revoke pop star Justin Bieber's green card and deport him. Bieber is Canadian.

Wednesday - 01/29/2014, 02:28pm EST

Tags: Justin Bieber, deportation

The White House does not support blowing up planets

On Jan. 11, the White House responded to a petition posted on its website in regards to securing funds to construct a Death Star.

Friday - 01/11/2013, 10:23pm EST

Tags: White House, Death Star, Paul Shawcross, Rachel Nania

D.C. Council asks Obama to use 'taxation without representation' license plate

A petition on the White House website urges President Barack Obama to put the D.C. 'taxation without representation' license plate on the presidential limo. Now, two members of the D.C. City Council are meeting with White House officials to discuss that very issue.

Friday - 01/11/2013, 07:41pm EST

Tags: mark segraves, White House, taxation without representation, license plates

Petition demands Pepco bury power lines

Since the derecho knocked out power to over a million customers in Washington region, there have been more calls to bury power lines. Now a fed up Pepco customer has started a petition.

Sunday - 07/08/2012, 08:02am EDT

Tags: Pepco, power lines, Elecrtic Power research institute