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Guide to festive trees and the merriest of mulches

As the weather cools down and winter looms, new gardening mysteries arise. But with the right plants and proper soil treatments, savvy gardeners can make it through.

Friday - 11/14/2014, 08:45am EST

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Using fall to your garden's advantage

From late-blooming flowers to blankets of fallen leaves, there's still time to care for your yard.

Friday - 10/17/2014, 07:28am EDT

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How to improve your garden's soil over the winter

WTOP Garden Editor Mike McGrath offers advice on what to put on your garden to keep the soil nutrient-rich through winter and on how to get rid of those pesky gnats that show up on your houseplants.

Friday - 11/08/2013, 07:11am EST

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Garden Plot: Did you know fall is a great time to garden?

Fall is gardening's second season, and this week's Garden Plot tells you exactly what to do and how while the weather is crisp.

Friday - 09/27/2013, 11:46am EDT

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When to pick your garlic and what's needed to harvest good peaches

Peaches are the most difficult and demanding crop a homeowner can grow, while garlic harvesting is easier but requires a balance of several factors.

Friday - 06/28/2013, 10:43am EDT

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Garden Plot: Grow delicious tomatoes and ward off frost damage

Garden Editor Mike McGrath has tips for protecting plants from a late spring frost, growing tomatoes and keeping lawns green.

Friday - 05/10/2013, 10:20am EDT

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Loading up on wood mulch is not the answer

You might be looking for ways to spruce up your yard this time of year. But if you're thinking about loading up on wood mulch, think again. Wood mulch can start as dead trees, construction debris and shipping pallets.

Sunday - 05/05/2013, 07:26am EDT

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Garden Plot: Tomato plants need warm nights

Nights with temperatures in the 40s won't kill your plants as impressively as frost, but those temperatures will stunt the growth of your tomato plants.

Friday - 05/03/2013, 10:04am EDT

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Walkersville burgess to pitch idea on park's mulch pile

Walkersville Burgess Ralph Whitmore says he will likely approach the Frederick Board of County Commissioners within a month with an idea on how to settle the ongoing discussion about the future of the town's mulch pile in Heritage Farm Park.

Thursday - 02/09/2012, 10:56am EST

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