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New appointee in the eye of the storm

On the heels of corruption-related guilty pleas from former D.C. politicians and staff, Ronald C. Machen was appointed last week to investigate a politically laced, national security leak scandal.

Wednesday - 06/13/2012, 07:25am EDT

Tags: ron machen, Phil Mudd, Kwame Brown, Harry Thomas, Vince Gray, rod rosenstein, Gregg Maisel, Vincent Cohen, JJ Green, Lindsey Graham, john mccain


Brown pleads guilty to fraud, campaign violation

The former chairman of the D.C. Council pleaded guilty Friday to lying about his income on bank loan applications, the latest blow to a city government rocked by scandal.

Friday - 06/08/2012, 06:49pm EDT

Tags: Kwame Brown, D.C. Council, Harry Thomas Jr., Mayor Vince Gray

D.C. Council chair Kwame Brown expected to resign

Plans are underway for the chairman of the D.C. Council, Kwame Brown, to resign. Brown has been charged with one felony count of bank fraud in response to a federal investigation.

Wednesday - 06/06/2012, 06:08pm EDT

Tags: Kwame Brown, D.C. Council, mark segraves

D.C. chairman shoves WTOP reporter

WTOP's Mark Segraves was waiting in the anteroom between Council Chairman Kwame Brown's office and the Council's main chamber, along with NPR reporter Patrick Madden and the Examiner's Alan Blinder. When the chairman left his office to enter the chamber for their continued budget debate, Segraves asked about a report from WUSA reporter Bruce Johnson that federal investigators had revealed part of their case against Brown.

Wednesday - 06/06/2012, 09:19am EDT

Tags: Kwame Brown, mark segraves, bruce johnson


Four D.C. councilmembers may be impeding Fed. investigation

The investigation into campaign finances in District politics heated up recently after several elected officials acknowledged their campaigns have received grand jury subpoenas from the Office of the U.S. Attorney. Other councilmembers who likely received subpoenas, but have refused to publicly say so, have come under fire for not publicly admitting their campaign was issued the same subpoena as the others.

Wednesday - 03/21/2012, 01:41pm EDT

Tags: Jeffrey Thompson, Kwame Brown, Muriel Bowser, Jack Evans, Yvette Alexander, Phil Mendelson

D.C. councilmembers subpoenaed in corruption probe

The investigation into government corruption in the District took another turn on Tuesday as several D.C. councilmembers received subpoenas this week.

Tuesday - 03/13/2012, 06:18pm EDT

Tags: Jeffrey Thompson, D.C. mayor, Kwame Brown, Vincent Gray, money orders, subpeopna

Mayor Gray to pitch statehood at GOP convention

The District of Columbia's Democratic mayor plans to take his campaign for statehood to the Republican Party's national convention in Tampa.

Tuesday - 03/06/2012, 11:28am EST

Tags: D.C., New Hampshire, statehood, Sam Jewler, Vincent Gray, Kwame Brown

D.C. mayor, council meet for first time since profanity ban

WTOP's Mark Segraves is tweeting what happens at the breakfast meeting and council meeting that follows, starting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Tuesday - 03/06/2012, 09:25am EST

Tags: mark segraves, D.C.council, Marion Barry, Kwame Brown, Vince Gray, Jeffrey Thompson, Adrian Fenty

D.C. Council looks to cut cellphone spending

Members of the D.C. Council and about 30 staff members have spent about $61,000 in cellphone bills over the past 16 months because of excessive roaming and data charges.

Monday - 02/27/2012, 06:36am EST

Tags: D.C. Council, Kwame Brown, Muriel Bowser, michael brown, Nyasha Smith, The Washington Post

D.C. Council approves measure to clean up language

The D.C. Council has passed a measure banning members from using profanity during public meetings.

Wednesday - 02/22/2012, 06:47am EST

Tags: D.C. Council, Kwame Brown, David Catania, Marion Barry, United Medical Center

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