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'Cabin in the Woods' sees the petrified forest for the trees

WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley says "Cabin" makes us pay full attention to the men behind the curtain.

Friday - 04/27/2012, 04:36am EDT

Tags: movie reviews,


'Mockingbird' 50th anniversary Blu Ray soars

WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley says 'Mockingbird' is an adapted novel that makes "The Hunger Games" look like child's play.

Wednesday - 04/25/2012, 12:12pm EDT

Tags: to kill a mockingbird, Gregory Peck, Harper Lee


'Three Stooges' a solid imitation, but still an imitation

WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley says the Farrellys effectively clone the stooges -- the film's biggest credit and its fatal flaw.

Friday - 04/13/2012, 12:15pm EDT

Tags: The Three Stooges, fraley on film


'Titanic 3D' proves Cameron's blockbuster unsinkable

WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley says "Titanic 3D" is not a time to revel in three dimensions, but to reflect back upon a true pop culture phenomenon.

Friday - 04/06/2012, 09:39am EDT

Tags: Titanic, James Cameron, fraley on film


'Mirror Mirror' not the fairest one of all

WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley previews the first of two "Snow White" films this year.

Friday - 03/30/2012, 10:24am EDT

Tags: Mirror Mirror


Local theaters mark 70th anniversary of 'Casablanca'

WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley says the world will always welcome lovers, no matter how much time goes by.

Friday - 03/23/2012, 08:06am EDT

Tags: Casablanca,


'Jump Street' is funny, but no class clown superlative

WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley says "21 Jump Street" has its moments, but it's mostly retreads.

Friday - 03/16/2012, 01:53pm EDT

Tags: 21 Jump Street, Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum,


Va. native discusses Oscar-winning doc 'Undefeated'

WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley holds a Q&A with one of the producers of the Oscar-winning football documentary "Undefeated."

Friday - 03/16/2012, 12:41pm EDT

Tags: Undefeated, oscars, Academy Awards, documentary


National Theatre offers free Burt Lancaster film series

Why waste money on a new flick when you can see a classic for free? WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley outlines his three favorite Burt Lancaster films and why you should see them.

Monday - 03/12/2012, 09:54am EDT

Tags: Burt Lancaster, National Theatre


Is 'Kony 2012' the future of documentary?

WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley breaks down the short doc that's taking the internet by storm.

Saturday - 03/10/2012, 01:46pm EST

Tags: Kony 2012

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