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PayPal researching password alternatives

Well passwords could be a thing of the past as companies, like PayPal, develop new ways to verify consumers' identities.

Saturday - 03/02/2013, 02:27pm EST

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Petraeus scandal proves there is no private Internet life

"We're not as private as we think we are," says online privacy expert Cole Stryker, author of the book "Hacking the Future."

Thursday - 11/15/2012, 05:11am EST

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'Net users most concerned about credit card access

The debate over online piracy goes much deeper than just being able to access bootlegged movies.

Friday - 01/20/2012, 07:16am EST

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Paperless could be dangerous for your bank account

The latest versions of an especially nasty computer virus allow thieves to collect your personal information, take your money and, worst of all, keep you in the dark about it all.

Sunday - 01/08/2012, 11:30am EST

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Steer clear of this new Internet worm

An old Internet threat has learned some new tricks, and could be putting your computer and bank account at risk.

Friday - 01/06/2012, 01:56pm EST

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