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Speed limit is increasing on ICC

Drivers can go a little faster on the Intercounty Connector starting March 29.

Wednesday - 03/27/2013, 03:13pm EDT

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Speed limit on ICC set to increase in March

Get ready to go a little faster on Maryland's Intercounty Connector.

Monday - 02/04/2013, 04:12pm EST

Tags: ICC, Intercounty Connector, speed limits, Harold Bartlett

Speed limit on ICC could be raised to 70

A bill in the Maryland House of Delegates would raise the top speed on interstates and expressways statewide from 65 mph to 70 mph.

Tuesday - 01/29/2013, 07:19am EST

Tags: Neal Augenstein, ICC, Aruna Miller, Neil Parrott

For those living near ICC, noise fight continues

A local community group is continuing it's fight against the Maryland Transportation Authority, arguing the noise on the InterCounty Connector is making life in the neighborhood unbearable.

Thursday - 01/17/2013, 08:12am EST

Tags: ICC, noise pollution, Ari Ashe, transportation

Maryland proposal cracks down on uncollected tolls

Millions of dollars in unpaid tolls have gone uncollected in Maryland, but a new proposal being considered by the General Assembly aims to make it harder to dodge fees and easier to collect the cash.

Monday - 01/14/2013, 09:09am EST

Tags: ICC, tolls, Ari Ashe, Maryland General Assembly

Study: Speed limit on ICC safely can be 60 mph

An engineering study of the Intercounty Connector has concluded that the speed limit on the highway could safely be increased to 60 mph from 55.

Friday - 12/21/2012, 07:26am EST

Tags: ICC, speed limits, traffic safety

ICC tolls spark local debate

Since the ICC opened from I-270/I-370 in Shady Grove to I-95 in Laurel in November 2011, it's been a lightly traveled toll road. Most times of the day, commuters can zip across the 18.8 mile roadway without any traffic.

Sunday - 12/16/2012, 02:12pm EST

Tags: ICC, tolls, Maryland, traffic

Andrews calls for Md. to cut ICC tolls in half

Calling the tolls "outrageously high," Montgomery County Councilmember Phil Andrews wants to see the cost of using the the Inter-County Connector slashed in half to encourage more drivers to use it.

Wednesday - 12/05/2012, 10:48am EST

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Drivers ask: Where's the ICC bill?

Drivers who don't have E-ZPass tell WTOP they are surprised at how long it takes to actually receive the bill from the all-electronic toll road.

Friday - 08/24/2012, 09:23am EDT

Tags: ICC, Adam Tuss, tolls

Leggett calls for higher speed limit on ICC

Montgomery County Executive Isiah "Ike" Leggett wants drivers to be able to take advantage of the free flow of the InterCounty Connector.

Friday - 08/10/2012, 12:28pm EDT

Tags: Adam Tuss, ICC, sprawl and crawl, Isiah Leggett

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