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Credit card with built-in keyboard fights fraud

High-profile breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus, and Michaels have focused attention on the problem of credit card fraud. Shoppers will soon have a new tool to protect their security -- a credit card with built-in keyboard.

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 12:13pm EDT

Tags: Jeff Mullen, Dynamics Incorporated, credit card fraud, Neal Augenstein,

Apple users warned against false sense of security

Data Doctor Ken Colburn says a troubling number of Apple users have not performed security updates, in part because they feel a false sense of safety that Apple devices aren't vulnerable to hackers.

Tuesday - 03/18/2014, 06:49am EDT

Tags: Ken Colburn, Data Doctors, Apple, Mac,

Beware: Flappy Bird copycat scam apps taking flight

Hackers haven't wasted any time exploiting the departure of the wildly popular Flappy Bird, by introducing malware in apps that mimic the addictive mobile game.

Tuesday - 02/18/2014, 04:10am EST

Tags: Christopher Budd, Trend Micro, flappy bird, Scam, Neal Augenstein

Popular Kickstarter site hacked

The popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter, which helps fledgling projects raise money among an estimated 5.9 million individual users, reported Saturday in an email that its network had been hacked.

Sunday - 02/16/2014, 04:42am EST

Tags: Kickstarter,

Hackers infiltrate Kickstarter data

Law enforcement officials alerted Kickstarter that hackers tried to gain unauthorized access to some customers' data.

Saturday - 02/15/2014, 06:47pm EST

Tags: Kickstarter, yancey strickler, security breach,

Protect yourself from webcam hackers

Webcams are the latest tech gadget that pose a threat to your privacy threat. So how can you protect yourself.

Saturday - 08/17/2013, 07:21am EDT

Tags: web cam, privacy, Miss Teen USA, CNET, max smith

Advanced technology means increased hacker vulnerability

Hackers today aren't just trying to break into bank accounts -- they want inside homes, cars or even bodies. And any high tech security or control system can be hacked.

Thursday - 08/15/2013, 06:42am EDT

Tags: alan etter

Public chargers could invite hackers

Public charging stations are popping up in shopping malls, tourist sites and other places. They provide free battery charges for smartphones, but security experts warn there is a risk.

Wednesday - 08/14/2013, 07:08am EDT

Tags: dick uliano, smartphone, charging station

'Smart homes' easily fall victim to hackers

Enjoy being able to turn the lights on and off inside your home from your office or while sitting on the beach? Well the convenience of such high tech homes also comes with high security risks.

Sunday - 08/11/2013, 09:26am EDT

Tags: smart homes, security, home security, home technology, Joan Jones, Forbes Magazine


3 tips to improve your online passwords

You can make it more difficult for hackers to access your online information, but you'll need to change your habits.

Thursday - 06/27/2013, 05:50am EDT

Tags: password, Randy Abrams, Sarah Beth Hensley, online security

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