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Get on board: Surf class gets you fit for land or sea

A surf-inspired fitness class is 'shore' to get your body in shape and take your mind off of winter.

Thursday - 01/30/2014, 10:18am EST

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The great divide: Gym gender gaps

There is a gender gap at the gym -- a great divide of sorts. The weight room tends to be mostly made up of men, while exercise classes are dominated by women.

Monday - 07/29/2013, 05:26am EDT

Tags: City Fitness, gender, Paula Wolfson, workout, Health

Hate long gym sessions? Try everyday activities instead

People don't have to put in long sessions at the gym to reap the health benefits of being active, according to a new study.

Friday - 02/01/2013, 02:07pm EST

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In the buff: Nudity, no wipe-downs among gym rats' pet peeves

Many people avoid going to the gym for one reason or another, and a new survey shows 90 percent of gym-goers are irritated by something in their exercise experience.

Friday - 03/02/2012, 07:27am EST

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With this app, it'll cost you to skip the gym

A new app is designed to make you go to the gym by making it hurt financially if you don't.

Monday - 01/02/2012, 03:44am EST

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