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No theater, dancing at Glen Echo Park during shutdown

Each day Glen Echo Park remains closed, the arts programs that operate there are taking a financial hit. The locally operated park sits on federal land and has been closed throughout the shutdown.

Wednesday - 10/16/2013, 07:53am EDT

Tags: glen echo park, shutdown, arts, Kate Ryan, ike leggett, Glen Echo,

'Deadliest Catch' fishery a no-go in shutdown

Wednesday - 10/16/2013, 06:05am EDT


MTA warns shutdown could delay SmartBenefits funds

Even when the government shutdown ends, federal workers may face obstacles in getting to work.

Wednesday - 10/16/2013, 05:35am EDT

Tags: smartbenefits, MARC, commuters, Max Smith,

On the edge: House shutdown plan fails; now Senate

Wednesday - 10/16/2013, 02:36am EDT


Crowd storms World War II Memorial

Thousands of people converged on the World War II Memorial on the National Mall on Sunday morning and tore down the barricades blocking it off, protesting the closure of the memorial during the federal government shutdown.

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 11:46am EDT

Tags: Jamie Forzato, Mike Lee, sarah palin, Ted Cruz, World War II memorial


House GOP preps separate debt limit, funding bill

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 11:40am EDT


Automatic cuts re-emerge as budget battle issue

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 10:04am EDT


Shutdown deal in sight? Reid, McConnell optimistic

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reported progress Monday toward a deal to avoid a threatened default and end a two-week partial government shutdown as President Barack Obama called congressional leaders to the White House to press for an end to the impasse.

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 03:42am EDT

Tags: Harry Reid, Barack obama, mitch mcconnell, John Boehner

US never defaulted on its debt? Not so fast

You hear the same proud claim every time Washington wrestles with the debt limit: The United States has never defaulted. But the record's not that clean. America has stiffed creditors on at least two occasions.

Monday - 10/14/2013, 09:38pm EDT


Obama cites progress in talks; warns of default

President Barack Obama is sounding an optimistic note saying there has been progress in the Senate toward resolving a standoff over the nation's debt and the partial government shutdown. But he cautions that if Republicans don't cooperate, "we stand a good chance of defaulting."

Monday - 10/14/2013, 01:18pm EDT

Tags: Barack obama, Harry Reid, mitch mcconnell

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