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Contractors await guidance on returning to work from agencies

Companies are awaiting guidance from agencies telling them that workers can return after the shutdown closed government facilities to contractors, spurred stop-work orders, and forced thousands of furloughs.

Thursday - 10/17/2013, 09:19am EDT


Federal budget deal includes DC spending victory

Thursday - 10/17/2013, 07:40am EDT

Tags: Vincent Gray,

After shutdown deal, commuters can expect return of congestion

The federal government shutdown has ended and a clearer picture is emerging about how exactly it affected drivers and transit users.

Thursday - 10/17/2013, 07:40am EDT

Tags: Ari Ashe, traffic, Metro, MARC

Congress votes to end shutdown, avoid US default

Thursday - 10/17/2013, 03:14am EDT



Short-term debt deal won't mask big barriers ahead

Thursday - 10/17/2013, 02:20am EDT


Some furloughed workers recalled to duty

Wednesday - 10/16/2013, 10:44pm EDT


Video of Van Hollen questioning House shutdown rule goes viral

It's not often that a procedural discussion on the House floor goes viral on the web, but that's what happened with an exchange about a House rule passed before the government shutdown, which involved Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, who was presiding over the House last weekend.

Wednesday - 10/16/2013, 03:26pm EDT

Tags: Chris Van Hollen, Jason Chaffetz

Buffett says allowing US default would be idiocy

Wednesday - 10/16/2013, 01:10pm EDT

Tags: Warren Buffett

Senate chaplain: 'God's purposes will prevail'

Americans hoping for an end to the gridlock that's caused a partial government shutdown have an option aside from protesting and rallying in front of the Capitol, according to U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black: pray.

Wednesday - 10/16/2013, 10:15am EDT

Tags: Barry Black, The Washington Post

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