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Google updates search, looking up big words easier

When users type an unknown word and hit "enter," they're presented with the definition, as well as synonyms, antonyms and sample sentences.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 09:18am EDT

Tags: Google, Voice, Neal Augenstein, search

Google privacy issues at center of legal debate

Google is under fire about whether email is private.

Wednesday - 08/14/2013, 04:48pm EDT

Tags: gmail, Google, email, privacy

Will tapping into social networks help keep people safer?

Your web communication could soon be tapped more easily by the government.

Monday - 04/29/2013, 07:15am EDT

Tags: Facebook, Google, social network, FBI

Google's new feature helps handle users' deaths

Whether it's email or social media, many of us have more than one online profile. But what happens to them when we die?

Saturday - 04/13/2013, 04:34pm EDT

Tags: Google, thomas warren

Google doodle generates controversy on Easter

Instead of embracing the holiday with an Easter- themed doodle, Google's doodle celebrates the birthday of a labor organizer instead.

Sunday - 03/31/2013, 11:08am EDT

Tags: Google doodle, Google, Easter

Scientists use Google data to try to predict flu outbreaks

Intricate tracking models have become a huge asset in forecasting the weather and now, scientists are using similar technology to predict flu outbreaks.

Monday - 12/10/2012, 08:15am EST

Tags: thomas warren, flu season, influenza, Google

Va. jury says Google, others infringed on patents

Ringtone company Vringo Inc. has won a patent lawsuit against Google and several other companies.

Wednesday - 11/07/2012, 12:39pm EST

Tags: Vringo Inc., Google, patent lawsuit

Google's self-driving cars clear 300,000 miles with no crashes

When Google vice president Sebastian Thrun announced in 2010 that the company had self- driving cars that successfully logged 140,000 miles without incident, the idea was shocking.

Monday - 08/13/2012, 07:56am EDT

Tags: Google, self-driving car, Ford, cars

Google maps Smithsonian's 17 museums for visitors

The world's largest museum complex is being mapped room by room through a partnership with Google.

Tuesday - 07/10/2012, 04:35pm EDT

Tags: Smithsonian, Google

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