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Texting-while-driving convictions high in Northern Virginia

The first six months of Virginia's law getting tough on texting while driving reveal a clear trend. Drivers in Northern Virginia are the most likely to be convicted.

Wednesday - 01/29/2014, 06:45am EST

Tags: texting, traffic laws, Andrew Mollenbeck, texting while driving

Va. wants you to save lives by not tailgating

A Virginia State Police initiative aims to reduce fatal crashes in 2014.

Monday - 12/30/2013, 06:33am EST

Tags: alan etter, SoberRide, sober, tailgating, crashes,

As baby boomers age, driving becomes a concern

Every day, more than 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 and join the ever-expanding ranks of senior drivers in the United States.

Thursday - 12/05/2013, 10:57am EST

Tags: AAA Mid-Atlantic, Elin Schold Davis, seniors, paula wolfson

Hitting the road? Hit the sack first

Driving drowsy is a huge problem around the holidays.

Monday - 11/25/2013, 04:27am EST

Tags: sleep, sleep deprivation, drowsy, drowsy driving, safe driving, paula wolfson

15th Street cycle track brings concerns for bikers, drivers

Sharing the road with bicyclists and drivers continues to bring headaches in D.C.

Wednesday - 11/13/2013, 07:20am EST

Tags: cycle tracks, bikes, pedestrians, kate ryan

Study: Daydreaming a top distraction for drivers

Getting lost in thought can cause accidents.

Thursday - 10/03/2013, 09:09am EDT

Tags: Joan Jones, daydreaming, Erie Insurance Group

Drugs and driving an underrated danger

A new study found that 1 in 3 drivers involved in deadly crashes have at least one drug in their system, and users behind the wheel are three times more likely to kill someone.

Sunday - 09/29/2013, 09:16am EDT

Tags: drugs, Jamie Forzato

15-year-old charged in fatal Va. crash

Monday - 09/23/2013, 09:41am EDT

Tags: crash, Virginia, fatal crash


Md. laws will be more stringent for drivers using cell phones

Drivers may be tempted when they hear their phone ding or buzz, but they'll have to resist even picking up the phone while driving in Maryland, or risk being pulled over.

Saturday - 09/21/2013, 10:07am EDT

Tags: cell phone, cell phones, driving infractions, Megan Cloherty


Bad behavior behind the wheel: A battle of the sexes

Most commuters have seen it for themselves -- boorish driving behavior. But many are guilty of the same annoying tendencies they despise in other drivers.

Thursday - 09/12/2013, 03:06pm EDT

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