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Diabetes cases on the rise locally

More and more of us are getting diabetes.

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 01:12pm EDT

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Va. girl among first teens to test artificial pancreas

At first glance, it looks like your average smartphone. But this palm-sized device is a medical marvel that has the potential to revolutionize treatment for Type 1 diabetes.

Thursday - 10/31/2013, 09:11am EDT

Tags: Type 1 diabetes, paula wolfson, artificial pancreas, research

Tom Hanks reveals he has diabetes (Video)

Tom Hanks has revealed he has type 2 diabetes.

Wednesday - 10/09/2013, 09:19am EDT

Tags: Tom Hanks, david letterman

Blueberries may ward off Type 2 diabetes

Blueberry lovers have hit the jackpot. The tiny berries do more to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes than many other fruits.

Wednesday - 09/11/2013, 07:13am EDT

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Sleep plays critical role in maintaining good health

Sleep affects your health more than you may realize.

Wednesday - 06/19/2013, 08:38am EDT

Tags: sleep, veronica robinson, sleep deprivation, cancer, heart disease, Health

Walking cuts risk of Type 2 diabetes in seniors

Researchers at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services say a 15-minute walk, three times a day after meals, helps seniors keep their blood sugar levels in-check and cuts their risk for developing Type 2 diabetes.

Wednesday - 06/12/2013, 04:31am EDT

Tags: paula wolfson, walking, Diabetes Care, George Washington University, Type 2 diabetes, Loretta DiPietro, seniors

Dr. Oz speaks about preventative health care in D.C.

D.C. had a visit from Dr. Oz Wednesday, and a chance to get preventative health care.

Thursday - 09/06/2012, 07:57am EDT

Tags: Dr. Oz, Health, Howard University,

Fighting diabetes, one veggie at a time

Few diseases are as linked to diet as Type 2 diabetes, which is reaching epidemic proportions in America.

Monday - 06/04/2012, 05:06am EDT

Tags: American Diabetes Association, Mayo Clinic, vegan, paula wolfson, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, George Washington University

Diabetes dining club offers opportunity to bond

The Diabetes Dining Club in Montgomery County brings together the African American community.

Monday - 04/23/2012, 07:27am EDT

Tags: African American Diabetes Education, Diabetes Dining Club, Linda Goldsholl, paula wolfson,


D.C. chef makes eating healthy fun and tasty for diabetics

Local chef Gayle Plummer Owens has cooked for sports days and diplomats. But she says her favorite catering gig is preparing meals for a unique set of dining clubs in Montgomery County -- all designed to reach African Americans who are either diabetic, or at risk of developing the disease.

Sunday - 03/18/2012, 06:13am EDT

Tags: Gayle Plummer Owens, dining clubs

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